Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am loving all these amazing colorful leaves that God has blessed our Earth with!!!
My favorite is the shade between orange and yellow.
I'm so thankful that we are on the downhill slope for this semester.
I'm so ready for Chemistry to be OVERWITH!
I spent FOUR HOURS on an assignment for that class.
I have a B on my midterm grade though, so that's GOOD!!! :)
But I will be SO SO HAPPY when I don't have to think about chemistry anymore. ahhhh.
I am proud of myself because I have been keeping myself busy, hanging out with my awesome friends and family! I went a good few solid days without crying.
I was watching the tv show Greek tonight and Kappy finally told Casey
that he was stupid for not taking the chance to get back together with her
and they kissed and it's all happy for them now,
so of course that made me a little upset, because I wish that would happen to me!
But, I know that it's just TV and God knows what He's doing.
It's still hard though.

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