Sunday, May 29, 2011

My FIRST bowl of Savory Oats! YUM!



1. Get your Ingredients: Cinnamon Swirl Oatmeal, Raisins, and a Sweet Potato.

2. Wash your tater and poke holes in it.

3. Microwave for about 6 minutes.

4. Boil water and mix in oatmeal.

5. Add the middle of the tater to your oatmeal and feel free to add more cinnamon! (I SURE DID!!!)

6. Top it off with the raisins and swirl around.



I have seen this around the blog world for a while now and I finally tried it today. SO glad I did! It was DELICIOUS and filling too!

Have you ever made savory oats?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Foodie ABC's

foodie abc's

I love fun surveys. ESPECIALLY when they're all about food! I found this Foodie ABC's on another blog and thought it would make a lovely Saturday morning post!

A is for Apple, what’s your favorite variety?

HONEYCRISP by far! SO juicy and crunchy! I LOVE apples and usually eat one daily.

B: is for Bread, regardless of nutrition, calories, or whole grains what is your favorite type to have a nice big piece of?

Those rolls from Lambert’s restaurant. Yes, the one where they THROW THE ROLLS! That was such a fun place to eat! The rolls were DELICIOUS, esp with a squirt of honey…YUM!

C: is for Cereal what is your favorite kind currently (just one!) Currently-

This could possibly be the hardest question ever. I am obsessed with cereal. But, if I had to pick just one, it would be Trader Joes High Fiber Fruit and Nut Medley. They are perfect for my yogurt messes because I don’t have to buy separate raisins and nuts to add into my yogurt messes.

D: is for Doughnuts, you might not currently be eating them but what kind do you fancy?

I’m not really a donut person, but if I did eat one, I like the ones with the cream stuffed inside!

E: is for Eggs, how would you like yours prepared?

I love omelettes! My favorite combo is a Turkey, Swiss, and Mushroom Omelette!

F: is for Fat Free, what is your favorite fat free product?

Greek Yogurt! So tasty and full of protein!

G: is for Groceries, where do you purchase yours at?

Kroger is my favorite place to shop. They double coupons and that makes me smile! Haha But, if they don’t have something, Walmart is my next place to shop.

H: is for Hot Beverages, what is your favorite hot drink?

Not really a fan of any hot drinks. I HATE coffee.

I: is for Ice Cream, pick a favorite flavor and add a fun topping.

Birthday Cake! Fun topping, would definitely be Cheesecake bites!(I love birthday cake icecream so much that I bought these Birthday Cake Icecream Sandwiches to have available at anytime in my freezer!)

J: is for Jams or Jellies, do you eat them, and if so what kind and flavor?

I LOVE Strawberry Jam, but grape is good too!

K: is for Kashi, name your favorite Kashi product?

By far GoLean Crunch!

L: is for Lunch, what was yours today?

Well, it’s still the morning, but it’s going to be a Peanut Butter& Banana wrapini with a Strawberry Banana Yogurt Mess!

M: is for microwave, what is your favorite microwave meal/snack?

Popcorn! Oh Popcorn! (My roomie even mentioned the other day that she always craves popcorn when she comes in because she smells mine! Haha)

N: is for nutrients, do you likes carbs, fats, or proteins best?

CARBS! I could eat bread all day every day. So good!

O: is for oil, what kind do you like to use?

I don’t use oil. Ha whoops!

P: is for protein, how do you get yours?

Greek Yogurt, PEANUT BUTTER, and Chicken most of the time!

Q: is for Quaker, how do you like your oats?

Piping hot in the winter and I like overnight oats in the summer.

R: is for roasting, what is your favorite thing to roast?

I don’t really roast anything currently.

S: is for sandwich, what’s your favorite kind?

ORCHARD CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH FROM SUBWAY, although the Chicken Salad Wrap from Arby’s was mighty tasty too! I can’t decide between them, so I’ll call it a tie.

T: is for travel, how do you handle eating while traveling?

I like to keep it light and eat lots of snacks, instead of big meals. I love eating every few hours. It also helps to eat a snack if I get a headache.

U: is for unique, what is one of your weirdest food combos?

Well, I think it is awesome, but other people think my Cheese&Jam Bagelwiches are weird! Haha

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Swiss Cheese and strawberry/grape jelly! YUM

V: is for vitamins, what kind do you take?

I take Women’s Daily.

W: is for wasabi, yay or nay?


X: is for XC Foodie, why is she so awesome?

I don’t know who that is...

Y: is for youth, what food reminds you of your childhood?

Hmm… well, I would have to say Pizza and SKITTLES, oh I loved Skittles! and those Squeeze It Drinks.

Z: is for zucchini, how do you prepare it?

I like it from the restaurant! Haha I’ve never prepared it myself.

Pick a letter and tell me what yours is!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tremendous Thursday!

On Thursday, I spent the day with my little cousin, Anna Kate, and my Aunt Toni! We went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.

I ordered the Waldorf Chicken Salad and it was good!

Of course, we had to take some pictures...isn't Anna Kate the most precious little thing ever?!?

After lunch, we went to a pottery place and painted pottery. I painted a butterfly for Anna Kate to hang in her room. Anna Kate painted a cupcake - it was also a box that she can store little trinkets inside. how neat! :)

It was a great day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm not makin' this stuff up..

Blake asked me a few weeks ago if I would paint his nails. Of course I said, "No way buddy! I can't do that." He got upset and said he was gonna ask his mom. That was fine with me. Well, today I get to his house and as SOON as his mom opens the front door, he says, "MOM SAID YOU CAN PAINT MY NAILS!" I just cracked up laughing.

His mom then proceeded to say only ONE nail on each hand and wash it off afterwards. HAHA!

so...what is the first thing we did?

(He's trying to smile, but the sun is right in his eyes! HAHA)

I never thought in a million years, I would be painting a little boys toenails because he WANTED to...hahaha. Now, I didn't say that I haven't tried to paint my little brother's nails before...but that's when he is asleep and I trick him...muahahaha...don't think I ever succeeded though. He either woke up or my mom wouldn't let me.


Have you ever tricked somebody while they were sleeping?

Random Rant..

I decided to try the Arby's Chicken Salad wrap, although I am clearly in love with Subway's. But, I was going to keep an open mind and I did. After eating this, I have decided that I MIGHT actually like Arby's version better. (GASP!) It has chicken, pecans, raisins, celery, and GRAPES! I think the grapes were a big plus, but the pecans were also a great addition. After contemplating a while afterwards, I have come to a conclusion. I will be satisfied eating at Subway OR Arbys. Too bad this decision couldn't be made when I was younger and would ONLY go to Subway on long car trips with the family. (whoops! haha)

I LOVE it when all my mags come in the mail. I also subscribe to Women's Health, but that one is in my car right now. I clearly have an obsession with magazines, but hey, it's a good obsession! :)

My brother was in town, so we had a fun time hanging out together with the ENTIRE crew! :) My mom made that super delicious cheese dip! It's actually super easy to make, just mix the Rotel and Velveeta Cheese together over heat - and eat!

Blake and I had an awesome time rockin' out on our inflatable guitars! Wait til the end, Blake goes crazy!

p.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't yet!

Monday, May 23, 2011


So, I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I have NO SELF CONTROL when it comes to strawberries. I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Well, the lady I babysit for TOTALLY surprised me with this HUGE box today!!! HOW SWEET OF HER!! I literally jumped up and shouted, "OMG! Thank you so so so much!"

Also, my mom sent me this from a teacher at her school. The kids are in kindergarten who wrote these...

So with age, comes wisdom. These are the new endings to time treasured clich├ęs that we always hear…..they are pretty funny! (Where possible, I tried to keep the spelling the same way it was originally written). Enjoy!

An apple a day….


…is great.

…is just enuf of fruit.

A bird in the hand…

…scares your mom away.

… keeps you sick.

… freakes you out.

… makes p**p in your hand.

Caught between a rock…

…and another rock.

…and a shark.

Every rose has…

… bees.

… 4 stems.

…a pedel.


The grass is always…



Leave no stone…

…in the bed.


If it’s not one thing…

…its two things.

…then its more than one.

…its anudder thing.

…a whole bunch of stuff.

…its not the thing.

Home is where…

…we live.

…my stuff is at.

…you sleep.

…the good things are.

The acorn doesn’t fall

…on a bird.

…until the tree shakes.

…but the nuts did.

A rolling stone…

… has no hope.

…is hard.

We’ll cross that bridge…

…by walking.

…win we have to.

…wen it is time.

…with a car.

When it rains…

…you get wet.

…it’s horable.

…we cant play.

When life gives you lemons…

… you run.

…make lemonad.

…it is sour.

…you need to eat them.

You can lead a horse to water…

…with a whip.

…by riding it.

…but not a cow.


Smile, You are Beautiful :)

The fabulous Beth, over at Naturally Yours, gave me the Smile You Are Beautiful Award!

Thanks Beth…that was so sweet and definitely right back at ya girl!

Here are the rules that come with the award:

1. Smile! I have been smiling a LOT lately! ;) I’ve been seeing someone pretty special! More to come on that soon!

2. Write 3 things you like about your looks. 1. I love my strong legs! I am proud to have muscular legs! 2. I like my smile and it’s a good thing because I do it quite often…along with laughing! 3. I also like my muscular arms!

3. Write 3 things you appreciate about your personality: 1. I love that I am usually in a GOOD MOOD! 2. I love that I can laugh at anything! It’s so much fun! 3. I love that I say WHATEVER is on my mind – it may produce some crazy silly stuff sometimes, but it’s fun being goofy!

4. Write about something you find beautiful in other people (looks, personality – whatever); The most beautiful thing I notice in people first is their smile. I associate smiling with being in a good mood and I think that is awesome!

5. Award as many other people as you like and let them know! I officially want to give this award to:

Nikki @ Faith Overflow

Megan @ Oatmeal Diaries

Katie @ HealthyDivaEats

Janae @ HungryRunnerGirl

Collen @ Lunchbox Diaries

And to all of my readers!! You guys are true beauties and deserve this award! Now take it and run with it. I hope it puts a little bounce in your step today and a smile on your face!

P.S. I just met my adorable little niece, Marley, for the first time today. I fell in love after 5 minutes!

Isn't she adorable????????

My brother just got her about a week ago... He got her from the pound so they aren't sure exactly what type of dog she is...

Here is a pic with my baby brother:
(please excuse the awkward pose..haha!)

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