Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas was great. I loved the service at Grace yesterday. I asked my family to come to my church for a change, and they did! It was great to have my family with me at church again. I traded in a game for Mad Gab and we all played it as a family the other time! :) It's fun to not pay attention to what the phrase is, just hear how ridiculous people sound when it's not your team's turn. hahaha
Today, my daddy and I gave blood. I always enjoy doing it! the man that stuck me today though was not as good as they usually are...he totally missed my vein, and instead of REDOING it, he just moved and twisted the needle and it did not feel too I'm really sore...BOO! Oh well, I'm a big girl. I am tough.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today was my mom's birthday. We went to Logan's for lunch and then saw THE BLIND SIDE. omg, such a gooooood movie! It's definitely the best movie I have seen in a while. This evening, we tried out a brownie recipe that she found in a magazine (of course I wouldn't eat any because I HATE chocolate, haha, but apparently it was gross.) So, we then proceeded to watch the movie Holiday in Handcuffs that was on ABC Family on our Tivo. It was cute.
Yesterday, we went to Opryland Hotel and took some pretty pics. They're all on my facebook. They turned out really nice, and we actually had a fun time taking them! EVERYBODY was in a good mood which was a Christmas miracle!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A baby changes everything...

omg, you missed an AWESOME service at Grace today! wish you could've seen how wonderful the stage was set up and the music was jammin, and the message was great....A baby changes everything. My fav singer from the choir sang that song by Faith Hill...
before service, I watched the babies in Grace Acres (I've decided to do it every week now because I just adore them and want to serve more!) anyways, today I rocked little Grayson to sleep. When I'm not volunteering with the babies in there, I am so thankful to be blessed with having a JOB that allows me to do that on a regular basis. Babysitting brings so much joy to my life.
After church we watched the girls basketball game against Pittsburgh. (they are ranked pretty well) and it was a great game. We went into OVERTIME, but lost by one point in the end.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday night we had a sleepover. Myrt and Robbie have been bugging me to have a sleepover, so I decided to do it as part of their Christmas present this year. I also gave their parents a gift card to go out to eat and said that the night was free babysitting. :) We had a blast! this video cracks me up. watch Myrtle, she's funny.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well, the semester is over. It flew by! I am overjoyed that I am finally done with Chemistry. I literally screamed as I walked outside after my exam! It felt sooooooo good! :)

I am so thankful for God putting Grace Comm. Church in my life. The college ministry is really kicking off and it's so exciting! I'm having a blast getting connected with lots of amazing people. I signed up for Passion 2010. It's a conference for 18-25 year olds. Everyone keeps telling me how awesome it is and I am looking forward to it. That's on Jan 2-5.

Tonight, we are having a Christmas memory. Myself and 4 of my close friends are going to take some pretty pics together, and go to a concert in Nashville. :) It should be lots of fun! I love those girls and will definitely miss them over the break!

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