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Shaklee Review

Our friend, Laura Rousey, sent us some Shaklee products to try out and review.  
We loved the taste of the Meal Replacement protein powders. We aren't trying to lose weight, so we used them for POST-WORKOUT protein fuel and a treat! They weren't chalky and they tasted yummy! I surprised Jared with some Peanut Butter Protein Rice Krispies and used the vanilla protein in them. He said, "These are the best rice krispies I've ever had!" (Talk about a nice compliment! I was super excited that he loved them so much!!!)

We enjoyed the Blueberry and Almond Crisp bars as a snack on our way to a practice round. They were tasty and kept us full!  On Saturday, I went to the gym and ate an energy chew before my workout. I felt AWESOME during the workout and had tons of energy without feeling "jittery" like some energy products make you feel. Jared enjoyed the sports performance drink during his workouts. (It is a healthier version of gatorade) 
They also have an e…

Sexy Pop Banana Review

We reviewed SexyPop earlier this year. You can check out our first review HERE. They recently came out with a new flavor, BODACIOUS BANANA! 
This was quite a unique flavor for popcorn! It took a minute for our taste buds to adjust, but we enjoyed it after we got used to it! It also had some cinnamon sprinkled throughout, so it was more dessert-y. (Yes, that's a new word! haha) 
Please try some for yourself and let us know what you think! 
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Peanut Butter and Coconut BARNANA Review

Barnana sent us their brand new flavors to try! PEANUT BUTTER and COCONUT!!If you missed our first review, you can check it out HERE.
When we received the new flavors and found out they were PEANUT BUTTER and COCONUT, we were pumped! We are peanut butter fanatics and we love coconut anything!!
Well, Barnana did NOT disappoint at all! These were GREAT! We enjoyed them as a little treat after dinner, in between meals, AND even on our PB Sandwiches!!!
These are very tasty!
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Minute Maid Juice Bars Review

We were sent Minute Maid Juice Bars to Review. Here's some info about them: These refreshing juice bars are perfect for summertime.  They come in three delicious flavors – Grape, Cherry and Orange!
Made with 100% Real Fruit Juice!Full day’s supply of Vitamin C! No high fructose corn syrup!Only 60 Calories! Naturally flavored! Three refreshing flavors! Minute Maid Juice bars are the perfect spring and summer treats. They make perfect additions to:
·Picnics ·Memorial Day BBQs ·Pool Parties ·End-of-school festivities

We recruited our adorable niece and nephew to help us with this review! Thanks Charlotte and Boston! :) 
The kids loved the taste of the juice bars! The only thing we didn't like was that they were not very kid-friendly. The packaging was not easy to handle in terms of "holding and eating" the juice bar. They had to put them into bowls and eat with a fork because they were so messy and spilled everywhere.  The…

RX Bar Review

RX BARS sent us some of their bars to review and host a GIVEAWAY!!  First, here is some info about them from their website: At RxBar, we believe that food should be simple and delicious without compromising nutrition.  We believe that quality ingredients should never be sacrificed because of cost.  We believe that foods should be consumed as nature intended.  This is why we do what we do and as a company all of our products directly reflect these values.
About our bars: RxBars are made with a passion devoted to ensuring the highest standards of quality.  There are no misleading filler ingredients in our bars -- only natural, quality ingredients that provide functional nutrition and satisfy hunger.  Each bar contains no more than 8 ingredients, all of which conform to the standards of the Paleo Diet.  RxBar is 100% Paleo and natural. They do not contain:  grains, added sugars, gluten, soy, dairy, or any artificial or processed ingredients.  RxBars are as prescribed by nature to giv…

Cedar Lane Natural Foods - Tamales Review

Cedarlane Natural Foods sent us some of their new Tamales to review.  Here's some info from their website: Chile & Cheese Tamales These are packed with roasted poblano peppers, Anaheim chile peppers, jalapenos, serrano peppers and spices mellowed by Monterey Jack, cheddar and cotija cheeses. Gluten-free! Nutrition FactsHeating & Ingredients Spinach & Feta Cheese Tamales A Mediterranean take on classic tamales flavors, each is packed with spinach, quinoa, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms—with nonfat Greek yogurt and feta and ricotta cheeses. Gluten-free!
Nutrition FactsHeating & Ingredients Sweet Corn Tamales These flavorful tamales showcase sweet corn complimented with zesty roasted poblano and plenty of Monterey Jack cheese. Gluten-free!
Nutrition FactsHeating & Ingredients Roasted Vegetable Tamales Each of these contain a variety of spices and tasty vegetables: green, red and yellow bell peppers, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, roasted poblano chiles, jalap…

BARE Snacks - Coconut Chips Review

BARE SNACKS sent us some of their Coconut Chips to try! We recently reviewed their Apple Chips if you want to check that out HERE. 
Here's some info about their coconut chips from their website: Crunch into these simply perfect coconut chips. We’ve taken care of the hard part – the shell!100% NaturalBaked, never friedNo preservativesGluten freeNon GMO verifiedAvailable sizes: 40g bag They have 5 different flavors and we were fortunate to be sent these 3: Simply Toasted, Show Me The Honey, and Sweet-N-Heat

The flavor in the chips is SPOT ON! They are sweet and the PERFECT addition to yogurt, oatmeal, and even turkey sandwiches! (Yes, Jared put the Sweet-n-Heat on his sandwich and LOVED it!) We wouldn't recommend these alone as a snack, as they aren't very filling, but they are the perfect addition to add some HEALTHY sweetness to food! 

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The Protein Cookie Company Review

The Protein Cookie Company sent us a variety of flavors to review! Here's some info from their website: The Protein Cookie Company takes pride in offering you artisan baked goods of the highest quality. Our goal is to promote good nutrition without sacrificing taste. We make our cookies fresh from scratch using the finest ingredients without using additives and preservatives or freezing our dough. Whey Protein Whey Protein is derived from animal protein not plant protein. Whey contains high amounts of branched amino acids that help reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. These branched amino acids (BCAA’s) are used to fuel the muscles of the body stimulating protein synthesis. The result is a leaner more toned body when moderate to high amounts of protein are ingested through the day. Benefits: - Whey Protein helps maintain a healthy body composition, fight off chronic disease and can help you improve your emotional health. - Whey Prote…