Monday, November 29, 2010

oh, the fun things you learn about while babysitting..

I'm gonna be honest...I did not know dogs could SNORE SO LOUDLY! I was just cracking up when I first heard the dog snoring!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have all of my Christmas shopping done! wahoo! I'm really excited to do "A Christmas Memory" again with my friends this year! :) We haven't gotten the exact details worked out, but ICE SKATING is definitely part of the plan! wahoo!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

what I'm thankful for...

First of all, I am thankful for GOD. Without Him, I would not have anything else to be thankful for! He is my Lord and Savior and I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful Heavenly Father!

2. Family. Although we are not all under the same roof anymore, I am so grateful that I have the family that I do. We may argue at times, but I love them sooooooo much! I'm also thankful for my family beyond brother, mom and dad. I miss being able to hangout with my other family a lot of the time, but I'm thankful for facebook, email, and telephones so we can stay in touch!

3. Friends. I have the best friends a girl could ask for. They are not only fun to hang out with, but they keep me accountable. We all help each other with our struggles. We all attend church together and lots of church functions as well as just fun hanging out times!

4. Health. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with a body to workout, eat healthy food, and just live life to the fullest!

5. Church. My church is awesome! I love the contemporary service, but I also love that we are like one big family! We don't have a normal "building", but we are active throughout the community and can reach a lot of people! I love Grace Community!

6. Babysitting. I could not have picked a better job if I tried! I absolutely positively ADORE my job and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful families that I get to be a part of their lives!

7. APSU. Yes, I am a huge APSU fan, and PROUD OF IT!! :) I love it and I'm so thankful to be a part of it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I just LOVE the sound of a child laughing...

so, Chandler has the sweetest laugh in this video. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. I just LOVE a child's giggle!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oatmeal Pancake! :)

I made my first OATMEAL PANCAKE and it turned out great! Healthy AND delicious! Can't beat that combo!!! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Operation Kelsey Cooks was a SUCCESS!!! :)

I DID IT!!! I cooked an entire meal ALL BY MYSELF!
and it didn't come out of a box or require a microwave!!!

Ham & Cheese Stuffed Chicken and Baked Potato!
(sweet potato for me of course!)

My parents really actually liked it! Dad even ate EXTRA!!!
whoop whoop!

I also made some spinach & egg white mini quiches to freeze for later. Of course, I tested one out and they were DELICIOUS!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diamond Dash

well, we didn't win...but we sure had fun! This year it was an even playing field because you HAD to only use your feet. no bikes, scooters, etc were allowed. The only thing was that daddy and I were at a slight disadvantage because we just used a regular phone. if you had an iPhone, you could download an APP that let you see all of the clues and you could answer them in any order you wanted. whereas, with our regular phone, we just had a clue texted to us, and we had to go in the order we were given. regardless, it was still a lot of fun!

my brother's girlfriend actually has a brother and sister that live here, so she actually came and played with her brother...and they came in SECOND!! and the kicker is that they lost by ONE STINKIN' POINT!!!!!! ahhh so close! I think that stinks worse than the way daddy and I felt! haha...oh well, we still beat mom and Kacy, so we were happy! ;)

tomorrow is my first cooking attempt for my parents...hope it goes smoothly!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

oh yeahhh.. :-)

I get to create a powerpoint presentation in place of taking the final for my SPED 3000 class!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Powerpoints are so easy and FUN!


(and it gives me something to do now since I'm done with everything else! haha)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas ... already jammin' to the music...

I can't help it. I've been jammin' to the Christmas tunes already. Our small group had a Christmas party last Sunday, so I guess that put me in the mood...and I'm definitely NOT complaining! ;)

Our party was really fun. We did the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. We all brought in something to fill the boxes with, and something to eat. There was lots of yummy food, wonderful Christmas music playin in the background, and tons of shoebox filling! We filled a total of 12 boxes!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I won a contest from Attune Foods! They sent an email that said to write a tip on how you "stay healthy" during the winter season on their Facebook wall. I wrote one, "I stay healthy by eating different fruits and vegetables that aren't available all year long. My favorite is HONEYCRISP apples! YUM!"

well, I won! I won an Organic Fruit Picks Variety Pack and chocolate bars. I asked them if they had any bars that are not chocolate, because I don't like it, and they let me CHOOSE a cereal instead! WHOOP WHOOP!

I can't believe I won! I'm so grateful!!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

letting go...

As you all know, I am currently single. I admit, yes, I get sad sometimes, but the message at church today was PERFECT for me! Our pastor talked about just letting go of trying to control everything and do it all by ourselves. God is the one who controls everything, so we need to quit worrying and just let him take over! Well, I am tired of worrying about being single. I'm tired of feeling sad about not being in a relationship. I am giving it all up to God and letting Him take COMPLETE CONTROL! He knows exactly what He is doing and I'm thankful for that, because I know I would be totally lost if it were up to me.


I know God has somebody special for me...I'm just going to be patient for Him to show me who that special man is.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

baby steps...

I actually COOKED this week! Sweet potatoes! YUUUUUUUUM! They were so good! Baby steps, people, baby steps for me! haha. Watch, one day I will be on TV for cooking something spectacular! (okay, maybe not, but hopefully I will be able to cook an entire meal WITHOUT using the microwave)


Nextrino Activated Charcoal Tea Tree Soap

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