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Healthy Peanut Butter Blondies Made with Love (and a giveaway!)

Hello everyone! As a Love Grown Foods Ambassador, I wanted to create a special recipe using their new Mighty Flakes Cereal. I have been brainstorming all week and finally came up with this recipe and let me tell ya'll.... it is GOOD! 
Ingredients: 2 cups Love Growns Cereal (pulsed into a flour) 2/3 cup Egg Whites 1 ripe banana 1/2 cup Yogurt  3/4 cup Peanut Butter sprinkle of baking powder 
Pre-Heat oven to 350*F
Directions: First, pour 2 cups of Mighty Flakes cereal into a food processor until it forms a flour like texture. Mine took about 2 minutes. Next, add the Egg Whites and Banana.
After that has mixed for about 30 seconds, add in the peanut butter, yogurt, and baking powder. 
Blend for about 1 minute until a batter forms. 
Next, spray some Parchment Paper with non-stick spray and leave a little hanging over for easy handling later on. I used a round baking dish that was 9.5 inches. 
Bake it in for 25 min at 350*F or until you can stick a fork in the center without having…

What do Pro Golfers Eat During a Tournament?

The question Jared gets asked quite frequently is "WHAT DO YOU EAT? Before, during, and after your round?" 

As a healthy eating plan is important for EVERYONE, golfers have a unique schedule because they warm up for about an hour before their tee time, their round is 5-6 hours long, and they practice a little after the round to fine tune things. It is a LONG DAY, and there are not "set breaks" thrown in to sit down and eat.
Jared's pre-round breakfast is ALWAYS some type of nut butter and banana on 2 pieces of toast. Sometimes, he eats some oatmeal too. 
During his rounds, he will snack on things like Nature's Bakery Fig Bars, other various protein bars we find on sale that week, nuts, and drinks lots of Cocogo.
We are enjoying finding brand new snacks each month, thanks to FIT SNACK BOX.  This month, Jared enjoyed eating the Almond and Pumpkin Seed Mix during his rounds. My favorite was the Sunbutter packets! Order yours here and get a free bag with an…

Purely Inspired Berry Protein Muffins

Purely Inspried reached out to us for an opportunity to try their Protein. We gladly accepted the offer! We were not compensated for this post, just sent product. All opinions are our own. 
Here's a little info about the protein from their website before I share my recipe with you: Each serving of Purely Inspired® 100% Plant-Based Protein Nutritional Shake provides: 16g of plant-based protein, at least 6g of fiber, and no more than 2.5g of fatMore antioxidant vitamin C than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables1Concentrated greens blend with broccoli and spinach19 vitamins and mineralsOmega-3 fatty acids from flaxseedDigestive enzymesContains zero lactose, aspartame, or cholesterol, and is low in fat1Every serving delivers more of the antioxidant vitamin C (500% DV, 310mg) than you’d find in a serving of apples, broccoli, oranges, spinach, and blueberries combined (393% DV, 236mg).
 **************************************************** Our Review:  We enjoyed this protein a lot. Jar…

Tosi Health Supplements

Tosi Health sent us the Quick Start Bundle to review.  We were not compensated for this post, just sent product.  All opinions are our own.
Here's some info about Tosi Health from their website:
The Tosi Health System is the result of 12 years of research, development and perfecting, by Doctors, Industry Experts, Athletes, Fussy Eaters and Skeptics.

The reward for all of this effort is a system that helps to provide a nutrient and anti-oxidant rich combination that helps to eliminate cravings and balance your body. Not only that, it’s delicious, it’s faster than ‘Fast Food’, very affordable, convenient and portable.

Team Tosi has found that the human body does not crave calories, but nutrients, in the same way that holding your breath results in an undeniable oxygen craving. Once you deliver the proper, ultra low-glycemic nutrients, the cravings go away and your body is able to run optimally.

The Tosi Health System delivers nutrients in a way that is very efficient for t…

Golden Girl Granola Giveaway

Golden Girl Granola sent us some granola to review and host a GIVEAWAY! We were not compensated for this post, just sent product. All opinions are our own
 First, here's a little info about Golden Girl Granola from their website:
Our mission at Golden Girl Granola is to provide a naturally healthful and deliciously crunchy product of the highest quality to our customers.
We promise to provide a granola that: - is whole-grain and healthful - uses the finest, all-natural ingredients - is locally-produced, with locally-sourced ingredients, whenever possible - is wheat-free, and is produced in a gluten-free kitchen - is non-GMO - is hand-crafted in small, artisan batches with the utmost care - is beyond delicious!
*************************************************** Our Review: We REALLY enjoyed this granola. It was flavorful and crunchy, just the way we like our granola! We enjoyed it by itself and also mixed into yogurt. They gave us a cookbook and we can't wait to try some of…