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Web.Com Wives Charity Event and Making Friends On Tour

This past week, I was SO EXCITED to finally participate in a Web.Com Tour Wives Charity Event! Because I can't travel to every tournament right now, I've missed out on a few of these, so I was THRILLED to participate!!! 
This event was all about creating baskets and cards for children with cancer who were attending a camp the following week. We made uplifting cards to make them smile and filled baskets with fun toys and essentials to make camp a BLAST for them! 

It was so great to spend time making cards and baskets to hopefully really cheer up the kids!

It was also great spending time with the other wives and getting to know them better!

It is great to have friends out here on Tour because it is a totally different world. A professional golfer's wife's job is NOT easy and it was great to hear some advice from the other wives who have been out here longer than we have. 

I thrive on friendships and meeting new people and this is SO fun for me! It makes walking a…

Powerful Yogurt Protein Bars Review

Powerful Yogurt sent us some of their new protein bars to review. We posted a review of their yogurt HERE.
First, here's a little info about them: Gluten free -High protein (20 grams) and low sugar (6 grams)  -The only bars with premium, live BC-30 probiotics (1 billion CFUs)  -Available in 3 delicious flavors (chocolate coconut, yogurt creme, and peanut butter & jelly)  -Tested with professional athletes at the IMG training center in Bradenton, FL

We enjoyed these bars as a snack out on the course during one of Jared's practice days. They tasted great! The only thing that might be a little difficult to handle is that the yogurt coating melts on hot days, but we stored them in a cooler and they were just fine! We loved that they not only tasted good, but they were PACKED with protein to keep us full until our next meal! 
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Pro Golfer Wife Life Tips

When most people first hear Professional Golfer, they immediately think "Oh, they have it so easy! They just get to play golf every day and life is grand!" 

Well, the truth is, it's not always rosy. This year hasn't gone exactly the way we HOPED it would happen, as far as making cuts on the Tour, but we are choosing to be positive and understand that God has it all under control and He is taking care of us and still blessing us in so many ways!  This year has been full of travel (for Jared mostly) and LOTS of time apart from each other.  I am very thankful to have an incredible family that I work for that helps accommodate our crazy schedule and allows me to travel with Jared once in a while.

The Web.Com Tour Chaplain and his wife suggested an AMAZING book called, "Grace Filled Marriage" for us to read. We are only through chapter 7 so far, and it has helped us TREMENDOUSLY. We are finally doing what God wants us to do and put our COMPLETE and FUL…

Good Spread Review

Good Spread sent us some of their peanut butter to review! Here's some info from their website: GOOD SPREAD: HOW IT STARTED In the Fall of 2011, a 1971 Winnebago caught fire and burned to the ground.  What appeared to be broken dreams and a pile of ashes turned out to be destiny. After 2,500 miles of hitchhiking and sharing the news about a miracle peanut butter substance known as Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), Alex Cox and Mark Slagle partnered with an organization called MANA who produced RUTF.  They created a company intent on reducing childhood malnutrition around the world.  Through the efforts of many good people, the peanut butter company Good Spread was born and began producing individual packets of all-natural peanut butter mixed with organic honey.  With profits from each sale, more RUTF could be generated and sent to children around the world. When you buy a packet of Good Spread peanut butter, we give a packet of MANA RUTF.  Good Spread is for peop…