Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Every once in a while, I ditch the workout clothes, curl my hair, and put on a little makeup for a date night with my hubby. Lucky for me, Jared loves my sporty side. He put together this outfit for me to wear and I couldn’t have been more excited because it was still comfy, but dressier than my usual workout gear. If you know the #Wolfepack at all, you know we love our athletic wear!

When we saw this unique WOODEN watch, we knew it would be the perfect addition to my sporty date night outfits! I absolutely love this watch! It is made of natural maple wood, it fits nicely, and it gets a lot of compliments! It’s so nice to have a watch that is unique and different. It’s definitely not boring. I love the color of the maple wood because it matches with everything! Another cool thing about this watch is the box that it comes in. It’s wooden also and has a sliding top. The watch is surrounding a soft pillow, so it is completely protected during the shipping process.

 I know it’s only October, but it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. This watch would be the perfect Christmas gift for your sporty friend! They have men’s and women’s styles to choose from and they are all made with 100% natural, hand-finished woods. This watch has a scratch resistant mineral glass. They offer FREE shipping worldwide, so all you have to do is type in the address of the person you’re gifting this watch, without having to gift wrap anything. Both Jared and I highly recommend this watch company! 

Go check them out on their website: http://www.woodwatches.com/#wolfepackwriteups

JORD was kind enough to offer one of my followers a chance to enter a giveaway to win $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends! GOOD LUCK!!! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

How Intuitive Eating Helped Me Gain A Truly Healthy Life!

I wanted to share a little bit more about my personal story. This #TransformationTuesday is not about weight loss, but about GAINING a new perspective on what a healthy life truly means. The girl on the left and right don't physically look much different, but what's dramatically changed is the mindset and thoughts that consume her brain on a daily basis. Believe it or not, on my wedding day, all I had to eat were a couple protein bars and some fruit. I was TERRIFIED of not fitting into my dress. My sweet fiancé (now husband) made sure leading up to the wedding that I didn't go crazy with exercise and dieting. I was grateful for that, but I still had lots of negative thoughts flooding my brain. When the day of the wedding came, we didn't see each other until I walked down the aisle, so I relied on those few protein bars to get me through the day. It makes me cringe to think about how the most important day of my life was consumed by negative thoughts about food. 😩I stumbled across the Intuitive Eating Book, and was blown away by the basic science of the concept. Instead of telling myself I couldn't have XYZ, I said ok, I'll have some of it, and my body LOVED it. I no longer had these insane binges on junk food because I allowed my body to eat it when it wanted it! Kinda crazy how your body knows what it needs and when you feed it what it wants, it doesn't need a ton of it to satisfy you! Now, my thoughts are full of JOY and life is so much more fun because I am truly present in each moment instead of worrying about food! My goal is to encourage other women to know that they are more than just a number, you are BEAUTIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE! God created us all to be unique. I want everyone who struggles with food to experience how amazing intuitive eating feels and how much freedom it can bring! I hate how much society emphasizes that skinny is better! Everyone has their own unique body size and that's something to embrace!! Thanks for letting me share some of my story. “I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well.”
‭‭Psalms 139:14 ❤️

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


  • 1 cup  all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup @nutsnmore Vanilla Almond Protein
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp @adagioteas matcha 
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt  
  • 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp milk of choice 

Mix everything in a food processor. After a batter forms, pour into greased muffin tins. 

Bake at 350*F for about 20 minutes. 

Top with @mycoconutkitchen Coconut Butter for a delicious glaze!!! 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How Intuitive Eating Has Changed My Life

It's been a while since I've written a blog post. Today I wanted to update you on what the Wolfepack has been up to, and also share how intuitive eating has helped change my (our) life! 

Eating intuitively has helped me not only with food, but with my relationship with working out and traveling. Health and wellness took on a whole new meaning to me once I got married. Before, it was all about having a certain body size and eating "perfectly". Now, wellness means that I have a healthy MIND as well as implementing healthy and fun foods with exercise that feels good. For me, that meant SCALING BACK on the intense workouts and not following any "certain meal plans" and learning to eat intuitively! I still love to eat healthy foods and create healthy recipes, but I also leave room for FUN FOOD anytime I have the craving. It's helped me and our marriage SO MUCH because we are just enjoying life together and I'm not worrying about calories, carbs, fat grams, etc. Being able to go on a date night with my husband on a spur of the moment decision is healthy. Eating pizza in bed and watching Netflix is just what we need sometimes. It works for us and I hope that it encourages you too! We also love cooking delicious and nutritious recipes at home! Most importantly, I just want to share with you that God made us all unique and wonderful in our own special way. Every single body is different and it's such a waste of time to keep comparing ourselves to others. “Don’t you know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God in your body.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭6:19-20‬ ‭

I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and it was SO nice to not have bad thoughts about my body the few weeks leading up to the wedding. I ate exactly what I wanted and never scaled back on anything. I enjoyed good food at the rehearsal dinner and reception and didn't have a single regret. It was a beautiful wedding! The only part that was unfortunate was that Jared couldn't be there with me. BUT... he was at a tournament and he WON!!!!!!!! 

It was such a crazy whirlwind of a weekend. In some of his video interviews, he gave a shoutout to me and the bride and groom saying he was so sorry to miss the big day, but that he had to make his trip worthwhile and win, and he DID! He was on FIRE, shooting -8, -8, -5, and even par to win by 1! 

Jared wanted to share his thoughts about the win:
The resort we stayed on next to the golf course was fantastic and very comfortable, which I think helped me out greatly for the week.  The golf course was a lot of fun with 5 par 5’s and a few holes out on the ocean.  After 36 holes I had a 6 shot lead, which is the largest lead after 36 holes on that tour.  There were a lot of delays we had to bounce around during the week, which made the last two rounds be played mostly on Sunday.  After the third round I only had a 2 shot lead after a guy shot -9 and I shot -5.  The last round was a lot of fun, not only because I won but because I handled a lot of ups and downs throughout.  After 9 holes of the last round I had the lead back up to 5 and felt extremely confident I could get the job done with only 9 holes left.  On my 12th hole I left my laser next to the fairway bunker I was in.  We didn’t realize that until I wanted to tee of on hole thirteen.  I sent my caddy back to grab it while I teed off.  When he came back, we questioned why he got back so quickly and found out he had taken a ride in a golf cart without me seeing it and being able to tell him not to jump in.  Well that turned into a 2 shot penalty for me and cut my lead down to 2 with 5 holes left.  Thankfully I was able to hold it together and pull of the win by 1!  I had a lot of fun after the round shaking hands and doing interviews and just really soaked in the enjoyment of winning the biggest event I have ever won.  One more of the down times came after the interviews and pictures when it came time to pay my caddie for the week.  The local caddies are required to be paid a certain amount per day and after that, it is up to us.  I gave this guy a generous amount above what was required.  He didn’t seem to think it was enough and wouldn’t give me my golf clubs back until I paid him 10% of my winning check!  I had to get a staff member involved to convey the message that this isn’t the PGA Tour and we aren’t playing for a million dollars and that we aren’t required to pay 10% but only what we deem as appropriate.  It wasn’t a fun situation to end that day on but a great reminder that life goes on despite winning a tournament. 

Kelsey again: I was SO PROUD of the way Jared handled the tough situation. He didn't get flustered or angry at the caddy. He also wrote a long explanation about the caddy situation on his social media outlets and I was more proud of his response than him actually winning the tournament. The link to that message is HERE. I am so proud of the way Jared is using his job as a professional golfer to share God's love with others. 

Onto the next topic:
I had a week off from my full time nanny job and was fortunate to spend the week with Jared on the road. I caddied for him at a web.com Monday Qualifier. He played really well, but didn't quite make it in. Those qualifiers are not easy at all. I was proud of him regardless of the outcome! Because I had the whole week off and Jared was done with the first half of his season on the PGA Tour Latin America, we embraced the time off and took a mini vacation that was MUCH NEEDED! Spending multiple weeks at a time apart with only a few days together in between each stretch of events isn't for the faint at heart. There's no sugar coating the journey to the PGA tour, it's tough, but the moments we ARE together are so much more special. (I could write a whole blog post on that, but I'll save that for later) Jared got in contact with a host house he stayed with a couple years ago in Canada and they generously offered us a room at their Bed and Breakfast for the week! I hadn't been before, so it was super cool to see a place IN PERSON that Jared had traveled to for golf. Pictures don't do it justice! The place was gorgeous and right on Lake Erie with the Buffalo, New York skyline in perfect view. We were there over the 4th of July and it was so cool to see the sky just completely lit up with fireworks. 

The hosts are REALLY into golf as well, so they invited us to play a round with them at their home course. I rarely get to play, so it was very fun to join in with everyone. I ended up shooting the lowest round of my life, a 98! It was really cool because Jared was super proud of me for golf for a change ;)  I grew up playing softball and I'm naturally athletic, but golf is HARD. It was nice to really experience some of the ups and downs that Jared goes thru on an everyday basis. I think I'll let him stick to pro golf and I'll stick to nannying. It's a win win for everyone! 

We visited Niagara Falls (which Jared had been to before, but I hadn't, so it was nice to experience something together!) It was very neat and we soaked up quality time together and had a blast flirting and laughing the whole day away. 

The last day, we traveled a little ways to visit Toronto again. We went to the very exact spot we visited two years ago and took the exact same picture. Great memories! 


During the entire trip, I ate what I wanted and enjoyed everything! It was so freeing to enjoy a vacation with the intuitive eating mindset. Also, there was no "diet starting Monday" mentality and that was the best feeling ever! If you haven't given intuitive eating a try, please do! It just might change your life too. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Foodie Favorites

Today, I want to share all of my recent foodie favorites! 

If you're looking for some DELICIOUS Raw, Vegan, and Gluten Free Crackers, you MUST try these PIZZA FLAVORED ONES!!!! They taste AMAZING. I love that they are made with ingredients I can pronounce, and the fact that they have nutritional yeast for some added protein makes them even sweeter! 

I made a hodge lodge lunch with the pizza crackers and they were delicious! 

The Coconut Cashew Crunch granola is INSANELY GOOD! It tastes like a cashew butter covered cookie to me. I loved it mixed inside some yogurt bowls. YUM! 

I have been LOVING adding spirulina powder to my yogurt and smoothies. It makes it have a aqua color that looks so pretty! It is a superfood that has all kinds of antioxidants, nutrients, and lots more to help your body be the best it can be!  

It's no secret that I love sweet potatoes, so when I saw this flour, I was so intrigued to try it out. The sweet potato flour is 100% sweet potato flour. The pancake mix has a few other ingredients added, but they are all healthy! I made PB Sweet Potato Pie Bites and Donuts with it so far. They both turned out AMAZING! Stay tuned on my Instagram account for these and more yummy recipes! 

I'm also hosting a giveaway so make sure to enter! 

Sweet Earth Natural Foods Benevolent Bacon and Cheddar Sandwiches are so good and perfect when I don't feel like cooking, or I'm in a hurry. 

Topping everything with Lark Ellen Farms Grain-Free Granola. This granola tastes AMAZING, and the added benefit is that it's dehydrated and SPROUTED. Sprouting means when we eat, the acid is broken down, so we get the FULL nutrients and enzymes from the nuts. I'll be posting lots more pics on my Instagram, so be on the lookout! 

I made a French Toast Casserole and the topping was made with their Vanilla Cinnamon Granola and it was EPIC. Get the recipe HERE

These bars are made with REAL FOOD. They are perfect for the golf course or just keep in your purse for those hanger strikes! I love that they are made with so many wholesome ingredients that your body will love. 

Check out this cool website for all things kitchen https://www.village-bakery.com/https://www.village-bakery.com

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

What's Up With The Wolfepack?

 Wow! It's been about a month since I last blogged! Oops. I've been really focusing on growing my Instagram account and making all kinds of delicious recipes, so be sure to follow me on there and keep up with my new stuff! I feel like more companies are wanting Instagram exposure vs. the blog, so I'm putting more of my time and energy into my Instagram account. Quite a few companies have shared my recipes and pics, so I'm really trying to keep delivering fresh content! :)    

We've been having a wonderful spring and loving every minute of being together. I thought it might be fun to do a little recap through pics, so here goes:

First of all, I've really started embracing Intuitive Eating and it has been so life changing! I'm so grateful to do a complete 180 from my disordered eating past. Nowadays, I can eat ANYTHING without restrictions or time preferences. I don't follow any certain plan, because I just eat what my body is craving at that moment. A big test was traveling, and I did SO AWESOME. Jared was so impressed and he said it was a world of a difference not having to worry about me not finding anything to eat at the airport or in a different country. THANK YOU JESUS!!! 

Next, I am also super grateful and blessed with the most amazing nanny family. They allowed me a week off work to go caddy for Jared's tournament. Jared has a special status with Southwest where he can have a companion for free, so I was able to go with him to Costa Rica for ABSOLUTELY FREE!  I caddied for him to save money. We didn't make the cut, but we made the most of it and were just SO  GRATEFUL to be together. The golf life is very blessed, but it also comes with some hard work and effort on both ends to make being apart a lot easier. We have both grown so so so much in this area and we are looking forward to getting even stronger the longer we keep on this exciting journey! 

Lastly, the Players Championship was this past week. TPC Sawgrass really takes care of their local pros, and we were fortunate to receive weekly passes AND tickets to share with friends! We also had access to the commissioners suite with free food all day long, every day. Jared went every day for a couple hours before he practiced himself. We both took my little buddy that I nanny after school on Friday and he got 3 signatures! We saw two of our friends from other tours that Jared has played on with them, Blayne Barber and Mackenzie Hughes, and also got to meet Dustin Johnson. It was so much fun to show little man around our environment. On the weekend, Jared and I both went and met up with some friends for a few hours each day. Sunday was the Chapel Service, so we were there from sun up to sun down! Needless to say, we both slept very well on Sunday night! 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Faves 4/14/17

It's time for another round up of Friday Faves! 

Jared is the coffee lover in our house and he said these were AWESOME. They are already made, so you can just grab them and head out the door. He enjoyed all of the unique flavors. He especially liked the Creamy Cappuccino with the extra protein! Here's a little info about High Brew Coffee from their website:
We never apply heat, but use filtered, ambient temperature water instead to brew our coffee. Cold-brew coffee has a smoother, bolder, less acidic and bitter flavor due to the absence of heat in brewing process. High Brew cold-brew coffee contains a higher amount of caffeine due to an optimal coffee bean, grind, ratio of coffee to water and brewing process. Cold-brew is not to be confused with iced coffee, which is hot brewed coffee that has been poured over ice. Learn more HERE. 

You can also follow High Brew Coffee on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

If you're looking for some unique snacks, Soul Sprout is perfect for you! Jared really enjoyed the almond butter truffles and bites! They are coated in Cacao powder and are the perfect dessert/snack. Jared liked putting the almond butter bites on top of his oatmeal and smoothies! The Nut Bars were my favorite because the Sea Salt and Vinegar and Sweet & Salty didn't have any chocolate. They were definitely a unique flavor and I enjoyed eating something different than a typical bar. The best part about these snacks is the benefits of SPROUTS! Here's some info from their website:

Sprouting unlocks the nutrients in seeds, nuts and grains, so you can absorb them into your bloodstream more easily and more effectively. The more readily your body can release nutrients from food, the more efficiently it performs, the better you feel. You get more from your food, faster. That’s why we call it Accelerated  NutritionTM.

You can follow Soul Sprouts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

These bars have good ingredients, with a few indulgent bars like Bananas Foster which has Caramel Bits and Cinnamon Chips mixed in!!! We loved the variety of these bars! They are sweetened with brown rice syrup and provide some quick energy for our active lifestyle! Here's some more info from their website:

The all-natural ToYou Healthy Snack bar line, which sources the finest fruit and nut ingredients, provides a healthy snack bar option for the dietary needs of ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles. At ToYou, we boost the flavors of the nuts and fruit ingredients, with additions of coconut and yogurt, mint, or chocolate chips to create an irresistible snack. All of our bars are gluten free, and we even feature 5 vegan-friendly options! 

You can follow To You Snacks on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  

These bites are perfect for those who don't have time to make their own energy bites. They are full of healthy fats from coconut butter and MCT oil. Our favorite flavor was Carrot Cake! Their website is still launching but you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bilinski Sausage

 Bilinski's Chicken is meat you can feel good about. Our chickens are raised humanely, are free range, and spend much of their time outdoors. Our pasture-raised chickens spend more than half of their lives outside in an unfenced pasture, where they can forage and roam outdoors, coming into the barn at night. All the chickens we use are fed GMO-free and antibiotic-free feed. They grow at natural rates, allowing them to lead happy, healthy lifestyles. Healthy chickens offer better nutrients, as well as better taste!

We were so grateful to try Bilinski's! Everything we ate was DELICIOUS!!!! 

First up, I made a sweet breakfast casserole using the Maple Chicken Sausage Patties. 

Maple Chicken Sausage & Sweet Potato Casserole

 Next, I used the Sun Dried Tomato Chicken sausage in this couscous casserole. It was a different way to enjoy the taste of pizza, but with couscous as the base! 

Lastly, I made this EPIC Mexican Breakfast Pizza using the Wild Mushroom Chicken Sausage for me, and the spicy Andouille for Jared. We loved it! 

More reasons you should try Bilinski's:
Food is a journey, not a destination. From the ground up, our simple ingredients are sourced, grown, and raised responsibly. We use only whole ingredients – no flavorings or pre-blended mixes here – and never use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We believe you have the right to be informed and make smart food choices. That's why every single ingredient used is always fully listed on each package, so you always know exactly what you're getting. Bilinski's never compromises on flavor, and our products are minimally processed so our high quality ingredients truly shine through.

Bilinski's sausages have NO CASING – so there is no pork or lamb casing to remove!

They use only skinless chicken meat, which is lower in fat compared to other chicken sausages. 

Please visit their website and get some for yourself! You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Bilinski's was kind enough to send us chicken sausage to review. We were not compensated monetarily, just sent product. All opinions are our own. 

Nextrino Activated Charcoal Tea Tree Soap

I was sent some brand new soap from Nextrino to try and review! It is an activated charcoal tea tree soap that is all natural, vegan, and ...