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Health Warrior Chia Bars Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Health Warrior sent us their new flavors to review and host a giveaway! Here's some info about them from their website: Chia is the ultimate Superfood. Yes, it’s small, but don’t doubt its power; it earned the name ‘runner’s food’ by powering the Tarahumara Indians on their legendary long-distance runs. Before that, it fueled Aztec Warriors in battle and Aztec Messengers on their cross-empire journeys.
For us? We rely on it to conquer whatever challenges life throws in front of us. And so should you.
Protein. It does a body good. And Health Warrior Chia’s got it. But that’s not the end; the protein in Health Warrior Chia is a whole-food, plant-based protein, so your body can digest it easier. It also has a full amino acid profile, a rarity like the Sunday sleep-in, so your body (and your wallet) gets more bang for its buck.
More fiber in our diets would cure a lot of the country’s health problems. It’s critical for improving weight loss, decreasing risk of cardiovascular he…

Krema & Crazy Richards Peanut Butter Review and GIVEAWAY!

We were sent two flavors of Krema peanut butter and two flavors of Crazy Richards Peanut Butter to review. Here's some info from their website:
Established in 1898, Krema has been satisfying the discriminating tastes of peanut butter lovers for over 100 years. Our commitment to quality, value and old fashion values helps keep our customers coming back. The Krema Peanut Butter Company is one of the oldest peanut butter companies in the United States today. We still make our peanut butter the time honored way using only top quality peanuts, a special dry roasting process and unique fine grinding for the perfect natural peanut butter!

Many of our customers rely on our peanut butter as a staple of their diets. With no salt, sugar or hydrogenated vegetable oils added, Krema Peanut Butter is the perfect “health food”! In addition, our local hospital recommends all their patients with heart related problems to eat our peanut butter.

Matt's Munchies Review

Matt's Munchies sent us some of their fruit snacks to review! Here's a little about their story from their website: It is said that, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” As a long-time vegetarian and finicky snacker, Robert decided to create his own wholesome, satisfying munchies that would support a healthy lifestyle. A banker by profession, Robert took over the kitchen and six months later, voila! Chef Robert emerged with amazingly tasty and nutritious premium fruit snacks. Robert named the new product Matt’s Munchies after his son, Matthew, who helped develop the unique flavors. With intentions as pure as their products Chef, Matt and Sous Chef Linda (momz) seek to brighten the snacking landscape together with their exciting munchies! Chef Roberts Inc is a family owned and operated business. In 2009, the family moved their factory from New York to Santa Ana, CA. Brothers Joe and Sam are involved; it’s a family enterprise!

Wallaby Kefir Review

I reviewed Wallaby Yogurt a while back. Recently, they sent us coupons to try their new Kefir! Here's some info from their website: As with all Wallaby products, our new line of Organic Lowfat Kefir is made with premium organic milk from local, pasture-based family farms in Sonoma and Marin County. Wallaby Organic Kefir contains 12 different strains of Live and Active Kefir cultures. Kefir has long been associated with many different health benefits. So grab a bottle of our Organic Lowfat Kefir and enjoy this wonderfully creamy, smooth beverage. Because it’s Kefir, it’s good for you. Because it’s Wallaby, it’s delicious!
******************************************** This review was done by my wonderful hubby! Strawberry vanilla and blueberry10/10I really really enjoyed these yogurt drinks. I first tried them by themselves and thought they were great. Then I added them as my drink while I ate breakfast and loved them! Lastly I added them to my fruit smoothies, and wow!!! I absol…

Enjoy Life Decadent Soft Baked Bars Review

Enjoy Life sent me their new Decadent Soft Baked Bars to review. Here's some more info about them:  These indulgent bars come in 4 unique flavors, including: S’mores, Cherry Cobbler, Chocolate SunButter®, and Cinnamon Bun. Each bar is topped with a complimentary melt-in-your-mouth white or dark drizzle (depending on the flavor). Decadent bars are a great anytime snack or a luxurious dessert.
All bars are gluten-free, free from the top 8 allergens, and verified by the Non-GMO project.
For additional information, as well as nutritional and ingredient information, click here:
*****************************************************  Review: 8/10. These bars were VERY tasty. They were definitely indulgent flavors. The only reason we gave them an 8 was because they weren't very big and didn't fill us up at all.  But, goodness, all of the flavors were SPOT ON for the dessert they were representing! 
Connect with Enjoy Life Foods: Website:ht…

New Chobani Flips and New Flavors Review!

Chobani sent some of their new FLIPS and flavors to review!
*********************************** Review: 15/10! CHOBANI IS UNSTOPPABLE!!! These new flips are incredible! They give you the great taste of chobani yogurt, with a variety of healthy toppings to mix in! AWESOME! There are so many different flavors that are ALL DELICIOUS, that it is HARD to choose our favorite!!! But, if we just HAD to pick, it would definitely be the COCONUT ones.... WE LOVE COCONUT!!! :) 
They also have 4 new regular greek yogurt flavors: Apricot Key Lime Orange Vanilla Coconut
OH MY WORD. SO SO TASTY! These are delicious and nutritious! Can't help but love them all!
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Sambazon Review

Sambazon sent us some coupons to try their drinks to review! Here's some info from their website: From this vision, we created SAMBAZON’S PRINCIPLES OF PURPLE LOVE – a manifesto guiding us to always:
1.   Foster a healthy disregard for the impossible.
2.   Be fiercely committed to Sustainability + all things Organic/Non-GMO.
3.   Share Superfoods that energize the Body + Soul.
4.   Live an active lifestyle that’s centered around vibrant Health + Wellness.
5.   Be honest, upful, playful, open, curious, driven and humble.
6.   Trust in “One Tribe. One Vibe.” by being earnest, approachable and radically inclusive of all.
7.   Measure success through a Triple Bottom Line: Social + Environmental + Economic.
We make healthy products with full integrity that promote a better you – the kind of you that lives better, works better, feels better and inspires the world to be a better place. That’s why we are organic, we believe in non-GMO and we support fair trade.  It’s the reason we craft…

Vegan Cuts Review

Vegan Cuts sent me their snack box to review!
Here's some info from their website: Highly anticipated by vegans, vegetarian and veg-curious folks across the globe, the Vegan Cuts SnackBox arrives to mailboxes each month packed full 7-10 products (sometimes more!), ranging from chocolate bars to kale chips to protein powder! $19.95 per month
*********************************************************** Review: 10/10!
What an awesome way to try new snacks! The best part is, you don't even have to go to the grocery store to try them! They come right to your door each month. I love trying new things and this is such a neat way to do so! 
The snacks inside were very yummy! We couldn't pick out a favorite, because they were all so tasty!

Check out the following: Website: @vegancuts on Instagram @vegancuts on Twitter on Facebook

Peanut Principle Review

The Peanut Principle sent me three gourmet nut butters to review. Here's a little info from their website:
With over 15 years experience in the nut business Shannon and Joe have gone completely NUTS!! Their Gourmet Nut & Seed butters are made with the highest quality ingredients including dry roasted organic nuts and seeds.
********************************************************* Review: 15/10! These were FABULOUS! 
We were sent the following flavors: I Want S'more Jungle a Peel Sap Happy
We LOVE peanut butter so much and eat it SO OFTEN, that we put it on our WEDDING REGISTRY! hahaha. Now, for those of you who don't know, my husband is a bit of a Peanut Butter Snob. (He won't eat store brand and it has to be natural and taste good). I kid you not, the words out of his mouth after a couple days of trying all the flavors and putting them in different combinations with his morning toast and PB sandwiches on the golf course were" "This is the BEST peanut…