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Ole Mexican Tortillas

Ole Mexican Foods was kind enough to send me some tortillas to review!

Here's a little info from their website:
Combining Mexican tradition with contemporary trends, Ole is your go-to gourmet option. With different flour choices, you'll be sure to find a flavorful solution—everytime.

There are a TON of different products! From tortillas to salsa and cheese dip, there is something for everyone!!!

Now, for my review:

10/10! These tortillas were SUPER soft and incredibly tasty. I LOVED the nutritional stats! 12 GRAMS of Fiber, 8 GRAMS of Protein, and only 72 calories for each tortilla!

I loved making PB & Banana wraps with these, as well as the classic Ham&Swiss pressed in the panini maker! YUM!!

PLEASE try some of these awesome tortillas for yourself!
Visit their website:


Finn Crisp was kind enough to send me some of their crispbread to review!

Here's a little info about Finn Crisp from their website:
Thin crispbreads bursting with healthy whole grains are ideal as healthy and low fat snacks or just crunchy festive fun.On FINN CRISP range of crispbreads there are plenty of tasty products from multigrain thin crispbreads to round crispbreads to original thin crisps flavored with caraway, garlic or coriander. The new FINN CRISP Plus range provides you an even tastier and healthier crunch. All our crispbreads are delicious yet nutritious.Baking so much goodness into something so slim and delicious takes real dedication. FINN CRISP has spent years perfecting the art of baking delicious thin crispbreads, that burst with healthy wholegrain and fiber.****************************************************
Now, for my review!

Each of the Crispbread flavors were packed full of fiber and had only 20 calories per slice.

They sent me four flavors.

Original, Cara…

SLAYKE review

SLAKE was kind enough to send me their water to review!

Here's a little info about Slayke from their website:
The Slayke® product line is a natural antioxidant water beverage available in three varieties, Dymund®, Lava™ and Roobi®, containing zero calories, sodium, preservatives, sugar or artificial sweeteners. All three varieties contain Natural Tartaric Acid, the natural antioxidant that is found in grapes. Lava™ contains Annatto, a natural tropical seed that contains antioxidants and Roobi® contains Black Currant, a natural berry that contains antioxidants.

Now, for my review!

All of these tasted really pure! I really enjoyed that. Each different water had a very subtle flavoring. It wasn't very overpowering. If you are tired of plain ol' water, then you shou…

Fitfluential Appearance...

So, I mentioned awhile ago that I became a FitFluential Ambassador. You can learn all about that on this website:

Well, today, I was actually a GUEST POST on the website!

Check that out by clicking here!

I absolutely LOVE the FitFluential Community. Everyone is SO supportive.

Today was just an all around GOOD DAY!!!

My students were all listening and working well today, I heard "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw on the radio this morning (That's me and my daddy's song!), I was a guest post on FitFluential, I received TWO packages to review on my doorstep, and I did DANCE IT OUT.

What an AWESOME day!

I am STILL smiling just thinking about how awesome the Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan concert was on Friday night!!!!!!!!!!


BAD NEWS: Unfortunately, something happened with all of my previous comments. They disappeared for some unknown reason! But, I have emailed tech support and hopefully they can get it figured…

Boundless Nutrition Review and Giveaway

Boundless Nutrition was kind enough to send me some products to review!

First, here's a little info about Boundless Nutrition:
Oatmega 3 Wellness Bars and Perfect FIT Protein Cookies are popular within the organic, gluten-free, athletic and diet conscious communities. The cookies are unlike any other on the market. They are a great alternative to a bar, still offering high-quality protein and tastes like a homemade cookie treat! Very popular with all age groups. Major advantages to Boundless Nutrition Products: ·300 mg of DHA and EPA Omega-3 – equivalent to a 1000mg fish oil supplement. ·Loaded with Antioxidants- 3 cups worth of green tea. ·100% All Natural Ingredients ·Excellent Source of Fiber and Calcium and 50% Less Sugar than other bars. ·High Quality Whey Protein These products are available at Whole Foods and Central Market. You can check them out online at **********************************************************************
Now, for my review!



So, today was SUPER EXCITING.

Check this out:

MAY 4th is almost here!!!!!!!


and I just can't hide it.


I was also excited because I picked up this box of strawberries for only $1.25!!!!!!!!

whoop whoop!!!

oh, and they were totally GONE by the next day.

What's something exciting that's happened to you recently???

Skinny Water Review

Skinny Water was kind enough to send me some of their water to review!

A little info about Skinny Water:
Skinny Water has been featured in many magazines including Women's Health, Glamour and Every Day with Rachael Ray! As Hollywood's best kept secret, we have a long list (and growing) of Stars who love Skinny Water including Fergie (From the Black-Eyed Peas), Kristin Cavallari, Halle Berry, Ozzy Osbourne and Alessandra Ambrosio! Skinny water was the first ZERO calorie, sugar, sodium and carb product on the market. We offer 6 delicious flavors that all have a unique vitamin combinations and functionality. Skinny Water offers full flavor and great taste without wasted calories. Our products are sold nationally at Target and CVS. *******************************************************************Now, for my review! Acai grape blueberry:10/10! Yuuuuum! This flavor was awesome and it had guarana seed extract in it for an energy boost!!! :) Blue …

My Night with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan!

I got tickets to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan for my birthday, and after 4 months, I finally got to use them!!! I invited my friend, Krissy, to join me. We had an absolute BLAST!!!!!

First up, was dinner at Big River Grille. Krissy got chicken enchiladas and I got the Hawaiian Chicken. We both ate our plates clean! YUMMY!

Next up, we decided to try some cowboy boots on! We snapped a picture of me and then a lady came over and told us we were not allowed to take pictures. We didn't see the sign, so unfortunately, we didn't get a picture with Krissy in her boots! :(

(I decided to go with the classic plaid shirt and jeans. BTW, these Zana Di Jeans are my FAVORITE!!)

Funny story: We were walking to the arena when I started talking about how singing Karaoke was on my bucket list. Well, literally TWO MINUTES after that statement came out of my mouth, we saw KARAOKE in front of the arena. Well, you KNOW I had to take advantage of that. I told Krissy I was definitely going to do it and…


So... you know how much I LOVE YOGURT....
Well, Chobani hooked me up again with their BRAND NEW FLAVORS!!!

I enjoyed ALL of these flavors. If I just HAD to choose the order in which I liked them the most, it would go like this:
Passion Fruit
Apple Cinnamon
Blood Orange

I thought the Passion Fruit was SO UNIQUE and unlike any other flavored yogurt I've had before.

Apple Cinnamon was incredibly tasty, just like I thought it would!

Blood Orange was tasty as well. I have never eaten a blood orange before, so this flavor was new to me! I liked it!

I love enjoying Chobani in my YOGURT MESSES and OATGURT.

My favorite combination for OatGurt is Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal & Apple Cinnamon Chobani. All you do is make the oatmeal like the package says, then mix in a cup of Chobani. Put in the fridge overnight, and enjoy cold the next day!

Chobani wants to let one of my readers win a CASE of these new flavors too!!!


Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite way to eat Chobani.


Another round of Savory Oats!

I created another yummy oatmeal recipe!!!


Chicken Nugget Oatmeal

Packet of plain oatmeal
Garlic Powder
Cream Cheese
Chicken Nuggets of your choice

Pour oatmeal into bowl.
Mix garlic powder throughout.
(cook chicken nuggets according to package of your choice)
Pour boiling water into oatmeal mix.
Add cream cheese to oatmeal and mix throughout.
Add cooked chicken nuggets.


The cream cheese makes this dish nice and creamy. The crispy chicken nuggets add a little crunch factor. The garlic powder adds a little pizazz!

Don't knock it 'til you try it!

What's YOUR weirdest oatmeal combo?

Fun Announcement!!!

So, I have a fun video to share with you... pay attention to the end...

That's right, I will be having a CHOBANI GIVEAWAY on the blog soon!!!!


Stay tuned for more details!

Now, for some other exciting moments from my week so far...

MY GRADUATION DATE popped up again!!!
This time it was on my whole wheat tortillas:


I received these custom made coupons from Kroger in the mail. They know me so well... All of these coupons were for items that I purchase on a regular basis. Two of them were for FREE products! whoop whoop!!! I love coupons!!!

What's something exciting that has happened to YOU this week?

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Review

Belvita was kind enough to send me some of their new breakfast biscuits to try and review!

Here is a little info from their website:
Each individual package of 4 biscuits is portioned for part of a balanced breakfast. A 50 gram serving contains 18–20 grams of whole grain carbohydrates, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 3–4 grams of protein, and a good source of four B vitamins and iron. belVita Breakfast Biscuits also contain no high-fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils (0 grams of trans fat per labeled serving), and no artificial flavors or sweeteners.**************************************************
Now, onto my yummy review:

Oogie's Popcorn Review

Oogie's Popcorn sent me a HUGE box of their gourmet popcorn to review!

I was super excited to try these unique flavors:
Spicy Chipotle and Lime
Cracked Pepper and Asiago
Movie Lovers Butter
Hatch Chili Con Queso
Sun-Dried Tomato and Parmesan
Smoked Gouda
White Cheddar
Kettle Corn

A little info from their website:
Here at Oogie's, we are popcorn lovers! It started as a fun experiment in our kitchen and sparked a natural popcorn revolution. We know the best tasting popcorn starts with the perfect kernel so we know where our corn comes from and who grows it. Our non-GMO corn is a proprietary hybrid - the only place you'll find it is in a bag of Oogie's. Besides being outstanding in their field, our farmers make sure we have the highest quality kernels to meet our rigorous standards.Next step is using the finest all-natural ingredients, without any artificial flavors or colors, ever. And popping in 100% percent corn oil ensures we create a delicious treat that has no choleste…

Confession Time: My Struggle with Boredom Eating.

I like to consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but I do struggle with boredom eating every now and then. On those occasions when I have a relaxing night without lesson plans to do or one of a million places to babysit, I decide to enjoy watching some GLEE or do a little blog reading or whatever. That is TOTALLY fine, I should relax and enjoy an evening off!

But, my struggle occurs when I start eating and eating and eating and I'm not even hungry. I don't want to admit just how much I consume because I feel embarrassed. I feel like I'm the ONLY one in the world who does this. But, you know what? I'm NOT! Lots of people eat when they're bored.

I think the reason I beat myself up over it so much is because I am definitely a "Type A" personality. I strive to be perfect in everything I do, but it's NOT realistic, because I'm NOT PERFECT. Nobody is perfect, except Jesus Christ!

I eat healthy most of the time and I workout a lot, so if I "mess up&q…

Friday Fun!

Well, I've completed 5 weeks of student teaching already! It's gone by sooooo fast!

Today, I decided to share a little bit of fun with you:

Here is one of the assignments that I had my 3rd graders do. We had to draw a picture of ourselves and write adjectives that describe us! The kids enjoyed it.

Yesterday, I had them create their own product map. They had a blast with it! They were so creative that my mentor teacher decided to hang them on our door to display!

I also wanted to share a FUN picture with you:
My tummy is thanking me right now. This Oogie's Popcorn is SUPER TASTY!!!
I can't wait to post my full review so you can see all the amazing flavors they have. I've only tried two so far, and I'm hooked!


After school, I went to Body Flow. It is a mix of yoga, pilates, and tai chi! I LOVE IT! It uses lots of different muscles, is super relaxing, and FUN all at the same time!

Now, it's time to have some more FUN. I'm painting my nails and watching GLEE!!!…

Thursday Things...

Today was a very interesting Thursday to say the least.

1) I had to wake up extra early to attend a 7:30 am faculty meeting before school.

2) Our grade level had an additional meeting with the principals to go over test scores. (It was great to see exactly what happens in REAL teacher meetings!)

3) University Mentor came to watch me teach for the last time for my first placement. She said I did AWESOME and that there was NOTHING she thought I could improve!!! TALK ABOUT A CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!!!

4) Then, to add to the excitement, I came home and found THREE BIG BOXES on my front porch. Watch this little clip to see what was inside:

5) I am SUPER EXCITED because I just realized that I only have ONE WEEK and ONE DAY until I will be having a blast with my BFF Krissy at the JASON ALDEAN CONCERT!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!

6) I made plans with my friends to see The Vow this Sunday afternoon! I've been dying to see it!

7) I'm watching Modern Family online later. No further explanation needed! :)

I ema…

Conscious Box Review

Last December, Conscious box sent me one of their boxes to review on my blog. If you missed that post, you can check it out by clicking here.

I was excited to get an email from them again saying that they were going to send me February's box as well!

Perfect Valentine theme!

It was FULL of healthy snacks, like NatureCrops Quinoa and Strawberry Bar. I liked this bar because it was totally different than any other bar I've eaten.
LoveGrownsFoods Granola - I love granola and this stuff was great!

Some healthy (non-food) items included:
Dr. Cleangreen - hand sanitizer without harsh chemicals or alcohol
Badger Balm - lipbalm with a little bit of shade.

There was a lot more in this little box, so full of goodies!
You can check out what Conscious Box is all about on their website:

This box was perfect for Valentines Day!
What was YOUR favorite way to show others you care?


Last night, I decorated these valentines for my precious 3rd graders while I watched GLEE. I am having an ongoing marathon because I just started watching them on Netflix in order. How awesome was it that the episode that I was on last night was the VALENTINES EPISODE?!?!?

Today, our class had fun all day long. We had Math Fun Day in the morning. All of the third grade classes rotated to each room where they did a different math activity. Then, in the afternoon, we had our Valentines Party! The day FLEW by! I had a blast!

I'm not even an "official" teacher yet, but check out this stash of goodies I received:
Handmade cards. (one said, I am so glad you are teaching me this year! HOW SWEET IS THAT!?!??) Candy galore. Gift card to Wendy's!

I stopped by my second family's house to give them a Valentine... and they surprised me with SWEET POTATOES!!!



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okay, I need your opinion... do you like this new commenting widget???

Organic Food Bar Review

Organic Food Bar was kind enough to send me some bars to try and review on my blog!