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Every once in a while, I ditch the workout clothes, curl my hair, and put on a little makeup for a date night with my hubby. Lucky for me, Jared loves my sporty side. He put together this outfit for me to wear and I couldn’t have been more excited because it was still comfy, but dressier than my usual workout gear. If you know the #Wolfepack at all, you know we love our athletic wear!

When we saw this unique WOODEN watch, we knew it would be the perfect addition to my sporty date night outfits! I absolutely love this watch! It is made of natural maple wood, it fits nicely, and it gets a lot of compliments! It’s so nice to have a watch that is unique and different. It’s definitely not boring. I love the color of the maple wood because it matches with everything! Another cool thing about this watch is the box that it comes in. It’s wooden also and has a sliding top. The watch is surrounding a soft pillow, so it is completely protected during the shipping process.
I know it’s only Octob…