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Fun at the Lake!

This past weekend, my family and another family went to the lake. We stayed in a condo and had a wonderful time. The first day, I went out on the boat with everyone, but it was FREEEEEEZING, so I chose to stay back the other times the boys went out on the boat. I was the smart one! haha.

The girls went on a pretty walk around the campgrounds.

Later on, when the boys got back, we explored and found the "jumping pillow". (basically a huge trampoline thing!) My inner child came bursting out and I had a BLAST on that thing! My mom took some really neat pictures of us. She is getting REALLY good at taking pictures and editing! I'm so proud of her!

Check em out:

Later, while the boys went on the boat, the girls stayed back and of course, mom had to take more pictures. I ALWAYS have to take some kind of goofy picture...well, it turned into a goofy photo shoot after was so much fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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