Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Food Should Taste Good Review

Food Should Taste Good sent us some of their new Pita Puffs and other chips to review! Here's some info from their website:
Founder Pete Lescoe created Food Should Taste Good, Inc in 2006 with the goal of making a unique new snack with great taste, real ingredients, and sophisticated flavor - the qualities he is most passionate about in food.
With a name that speaks for itself, Food Should Taste Good® chips are made from high quality ingredients. All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have zero grams trans fats. They are also certified Kosher.  Plus, many varieties are certified vegan.
Food Should Taste Good® chips are available nationally at conventional grocers and natural food markets. For more information, please see our FAQ section or contact us - and feel free to join our Fan Club!


Our Review:
Wow! The Pita Puffs were a huge hit! They are like little pillows of fluffy deliciousness! They are perfectly seasoned and are the perfect snack for when you get the munchies! The Cinnamon Sugar ones were great as an after dinner treat. 

We really enjoyed the chips with some guacamole! They tasted so fresh and wholesome and just plain tasty! You need to try some!!!

Apparently, they have a limited edition HARVEST PUMPKIN flavor that I must find ASAP!!!! Those sound amazing!!!  I love everything pumpkin!!!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Light Life Review and Giveaway!

Did you know that September is National Breakfast Month? Though there are so many options to choose from for the perfect morning meal, why not start the day with a protein packed, meatless option?
We know nothing accompanies pancakes, eggs or waffles better than bacon or breakfast sausage. Lightlife Smart Bacon and Gimme Lean Sausage lets you have the flavor of your favorite breakfast meats without the saturated fat and cholesterol. You can please your entire brunch crowd with these Lightlife fan favorites that will leave no one asking, “where’s the meat?” 

We were sent coupons to try the Gimme Lean Sausage to review and giveaway THREE coupons for one of you to try! 

First, we used it to make breakfast for dinner one night. In the form of BREAKFAST PIZZA! MMM!

It was delicious!

 I also added it to my crazy waffle concoction: Take a blueberry waffle, spread some strawberry jam and cheese on it, and top with eggs and sausage! 

Incredibly tasty! 

The great part about Light Life sausage was the taste. It didn't taste "veggie-ish" as Jared likes to say with some of the healthier products we review. It tasted just like regular sausage. 

So, now for the giveaway! Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win THREE free product coupons so you can try some Light Life for yourself! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Living Nutz Review

Living Nutz sent us some nuts to review! Here's some info about how they got started from their website:
In 2000, we went to see a lecture about the raw food diet. We were into organic health foods and we were always looking for ways to better optimize our health. The lecture was so motivational and inspiring that it literally changed our lives! It really delivered a unique perspective on food and a philosophy of life that resonated deeply with where we were at during this phase of our lives.

With our exuberant enthusiasm about our new raw food lifestyle and our eco-conscious business skills that we learned from creating and running our other company Intellihemp (lip balm made with hemp seed oil) we were ready to start a new company.

The Living Nutz company began in 2002 with a core purpose, to create the best tasting Certified Organic raw food gourmet treats on the planet! Our approach is simple as our intentions were to make an easy to digest organic treat with the most amazing tastes that exist today! We believe in minimally processed and raw foods. That is why we do not roast our nuts. Roasting nuts changes the healthy oils into unhealthy oils and will cause a breakdown of their fats and the production of free radicals.

First, we soak (sprout) them for several hours, or overnight. Why? The main reason is because nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors. The purpose of these enzyme inhibitors is to protect the nut or seed until it has what it needs for growing.

By sprouting and then rinsing nuts and seeds, you release and eliminate these toxic enzyme inhibitors AND increase the life and vitality contained within them, and making them easier to digest.
To see and understand all the benefits of soaking- see our blog.
After we soak the nuts, we marinate them in our different flavors while we gently dehydrate them at low temperatures.
So there you have it. It’s a lengthy process over several days, where roasting would take only 10-15 minutes. Why go through all this? This process helps maintain the integrity and life force of the food product, earning us our company’s name: LIVINGNUTZ!

Our Review:

Can we give 100 thumbs up? We have never had sweet and savory nuts almonds and walnuts until now. These were INCREDIBLE! The sweet flavors, Coco Creme and Bodacious Banana Bread, were perfect after dinner treats and the Italian Herb Almonds were perfect for in between meals. Also, they tasted like PIZZA!! We can't say enough good things about Living Nutz. Go try some!!!

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Adapting to Our New Place!

What we've been up to lately:

We are LOVING cooking even more than we already did! It's so much fun to try new recipes. Our first mission was to make a totally homemade pizza! It was a HUGE success!

Next up, we made some Peanut Butter Protein Bars!
Today, I made my first ever homemade Peanut Butter and Banana Bread. I'm surprising Jared with it when he comes home from his round with some of the FCA guys today!

Hope he likes it! 

We've been hit or miss with beautiful sunshine or rain. Fortunately, Jared let me layer up with his rain gear. I had to constantly keep a hand on my pants, or they would fall down! (Struggles of having a REALLY tall hubby!) 

After we are done at the course for the day, we have been playing old school video games on the N64. It's fun to relive our childhood days and talk about getting into big fights with our siblings over a certain controller or playing too much or whatever. We've also played card games and watched Netflix before we crash. 


We tried out a church on Sunday and liked it. Afterwards, we ran into Jared's youth group leaders from when he was in high school. They were very sweet and bought us dinner that night at a local taco place that everyone loves. It was a great time of fellowship and yummy food! We are going to try a few more churches before we make a decision at which one we will stay at for good. 


Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Update: We've moved!

The reason we haven't posted in a while is because we have been VERY busy prepping and getting ready for our BIG MOVE! We were extremely grateful that Jared's parents let us stay in their basement for a little over a year, but we are super excited to finally have a place of our own!

Here are some moving day pics!

We managed to pack ALL of our stuff into 4 carloads. We spent the first day furniture shopping and thankfully found our bedroom AND living room furniture all at once! It should arrive within 10 days!


We have a bar area to eat at, so we got some bar stools and put them together right away. 

We are having fun unpacking all of our wedding gifts that we didn't get to use until now! It's like Christmas in September! 

Alan and Jared did a fine job putting up our curtains! 

After praying and seeking God's Will, we decided the move to Florida was necessary in order for Jared to further his career. It is very difficult to practice and get prepared for the next season during snowy winters in Kentucky. 

I will be caddying and helping Jared in anyway possible. I am hoping to find some families to babysit for here and there, while we are not traveling. While I miss my nanny job dearly, I am also SUPER excited to be part of OUR dream of making it onto the PGA Tour.

That's all for now! We have some new products coming to review, so be on the lookout for those in these next few weeks! 

Mesothelioma Awareness Day

  Heather Von St. James reached out to us to help her spread the word about Mesothelioma. 
Here's her story:
Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with mesothelioma; a rare and preventable cancer caused only by exposure to asbestos. I had just given birth to my daughter and I was given 15 months to live. After a life saving surgery that included the removal of my left lung, I have made it my life's mission to spread awareness about mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos.

September 26th, 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Mesothelioma Awareness Day, and has been the driving force behind the movement to bring more attention and funding to this cancer. There is no more innocent victim than a person with mesothelioma, they are sick as a direct result of a product that is NOT banned in the U.S. This disease has a life expectancy of just 18 months after diagnosis, and symptoms may not be evident until 20-35 years after initial exposure to asbestos.

Please visit her website for more info:

Nextrino Activated Charcoal Tea Tree Soap

I was sent some brand new soap from Nextrino to try and review! It is an activated charcoal tea tree soap that is all natural, vegan, and ...