Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Been Going On Lately

My future mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew all went to the strawberry farm together. We had a great time and got lots of strawberries! 
Now, I LOVE strawberries, but Charlotte beat me in strawberry consumption for the day! haha. Her face was red from the juice. 

I got this awesome Bride to Be sash to wear for my Bachelorette party to review on the blog. My party is THIS SATURDAY and I'm just a LITTTTTTTTLLLEEEEEE excited!!! :) I wanted to wear this sash to the gym.... maybe people would buy me free protein shakes?!? haha

Been working on my tan in the backyard so I can proudly wear my wedding dress with NO TAN LINES!

This weekend, my dad and I had a special daddy-daughter trip. We went to CEDAR POINT aka the best roller coaster park in the country! It was super fun!

Dad is not a fan of heights, but he rode the tallest one TWICE with me! Props daddio! 

The next day, we did something that I've been DYING to do for a while...

WOW! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We were 150+ feet high. It was such an adrenaline rush. Once again, my dad does NOT like heights, but he did this for me. HE IS THE BEST DAD EVER!

I'm so grateful that we got to spend some special daddy-daughter time together before I get married.

Did I mention that tomorrow marks




Wallaby Yogurt Review and Giveaway!

Wallaby Yogurt sent me some coupons to try their yogurt and review on the blog. Here's some info from their website:
Wallaby Organic was originally inspired by the yogurts we discovered while traveling in Australia. We set out to capture their distinctively creamy texture, delicate body, and subtle sweetness in our signature line of blended lowfat yogurts.
The distinct texture and flavors of Wallaby are the result of time, patience, and premium ingredients. We start with organic milk from local, pasture-based family farms. Made in small batches, using a slow and gentle cooking method, we are able to develop the uniquely creamy and smooth texture of our products naturally. Unlike conventional yogurts, our products offer clean, true flavors with nothing artificial ever added.
Today, Wallaby Organic offers a wide variety of creamy Australian-style yogurts, a European-style sour cream, and now authentically strained Greek lowfat yogurt. While our recipes were inspired by travels abroad, all of our products are made in California’s Napa Valley. As our offering of products grows, you’ll be happy to know that our mission remains unchanged: to bring you and your family outstanding yogurt of the highest quality.

My Review: 10/10!

These yogurts were fabulous! They had a separate section of fruit (or honey) to pour into the yogurt. It was easy and did not cause a mess. These tasted amazing and they were packed with 12 grams of protein! SCORE! :) Jared tried a few as well, and I caught him licking the inside of the cartons JUST like I do! haha. We can't help it... we want to get EVERY SINGLE BIT of yummy yogurt out! :)

We highly recommend this yogurt! 

Now, for the fun part...

Wallaby Yogurt has offered to give THREE of my readers coupons to try the 5.3 ounce flavors or 6 ounce plain yogurts. Fill out the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Premier Protein Crisps Review and Giveaway

I've reviewed Premier Protein in the past. They have recently come out with a new line of Crisp bars.

My Review: 11/10!
The Honey Caramel and Peanut Butter Caramel bars were to die for! The caramel was just oozing out with each bite. These tasted like dessert, but were also packed with 15 grams of protein! They had a rice-krispie like texture mixed in with the gooey caramel. I absolutely LOVED these! 


I'm giving the Chocolate Mint ones to Jared (because I hate chocolate, remember) to take as some fuel for his golf tournaments. I just know he is going to love them too! 

Premier Protein is giving away 5 OF MY READERS a chance to win a prize package including:
- 4 Premier Protein shakes: 2 shakes in each flavor (chocolate and vanilla)
- 3 Premier Protein meal replacement bars: 1 bar in each flavor (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch)
- 3 Premier Protein Crisp bars: 1 bar in each flavor (Chocolate Mint, Honey Caramel and Peanut Butter Caramel)
- Premier Protein nylon bag

Just fill out the rafflecopter widget below to enter!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Skinny Pop - Black Pepper Review

I don't know how, but SKINNY POP has done it again. They created and sent me a new flavor to review, Black Pepper! 


My future niece, Charlotte, was SO EXCITED to open up the box when the UPS guy rang the doorbell. haha. 

We all immediately dug in and thought it tasted AWESOME!

It tastes very similar to the original flavor, but has a little ZING to it. 


If you haven't tried this popcorn yet, you are MISSING OUT!!!

Here's some links to their...
Facebook: SkinnyPopPopcorn

Monday, June 10, 2013

Quest Bar Review and Giveaway!

I've reviewed Quest Bars in the past, but this time, they sent me a variety pack to review and have a giveaway!

Here's some info from their website:
Quest bars were designed for anyone who cares about good nutrition and a leaner body.That's really all it takes to become part of the Quest team. It doesn't matter what your specific quest is, just that you have one. So, whether you're trying to lose a beer belly to pick up more chicks, trying to get SHREDDED and lean for a competition, or you're looking to add some lean muscle mass so you can whoop Michael Phelps' butt the next time you see him down at the Y. Quest Bars are going to give you exactly what you need to be successful at any goal you strive for.The funny thing is, there is no big mystery to good nutrition and dieting. Most people know roughly what they should be eating. It's just that there isn't much on the market that offers great nutrition, great taste and convenience in one energy bar. So, for those of you looking for a low-carb snack that's actually healthier than your regular meals, Quest has exactly what you're looking for.
And best of all, you can try Quest Protein Bars risk free. We're so certain that you're going to LOVE it, that if you don't agree that it is the world's GREATEST low carb protein bar, we'll give you your money back. Go on, try one. It's the nutrition bar you've been looking for.
 My Review:
Not only did these bars have 20 grams of protein, they tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD! It was recommended to zap them in the microwave for a few seconds to create a different texture for a treat, and it was a wonderful suggestion indeed! It made the consistency somewhat like a freshly baked cookie right out of the oven.

I enjoyed ALL of the flavors, but if I had to put them in order of preference, it would go like this:
PB & J
Banana Nut Muffin
Cinnamon Roll
Peanut Butter Supreme
Apple Pie
Strawberry Cheesecake
Coconut Cashew
Lemon Cream Pie
Vanilla Almond Crunch

Quest Bar has also developed the new PASTAbilities. They were interesting for sure. I wasn't the biggest fan of these, but some people might enjoy them. I don't like pasta, so that's probably why!

Quest Bar has offered to send TWO READERS a 12 pack variety of flavors AND 2 packs of PASTAbilities as well! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below to enter!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Popcorners Review AND giveaway!

I've reviewed PopCorners in the past, and they sent me some of their new WHOLE GRAIN FLAVORS to review! 
Here is some information from their website:
Our Popcorners family proudly presents our wholesome, delicious new shape of popcorn to your family. Here at Popcorners we have spent a great deal of time tasting, testing and perfecting what we genuinely believe will be a new generation of popcorn. Now, take your time and enjoy all our classic and delicious flavors. We are going to be around to honorably carry on the traditional goodness of snacking on popcorn.

I loved the texture of these. They were in between popcorn and a chip. They sent three different flavors. 

Twisted Salt: 8/10
These were a good flavor. I liked the ones with a little more flavor on them though. 

Memphis BBQ: 8/10
Tasted just like a BBQ chip. Great for summer picnic lunches!

Sweet Cinnamon: 10/10!
This tasted like dessert! This was my favorite by far. It was a combo of sweet and salty, so it was the perfect night time snack. I always eat a little something about an hour or two before bed, and this was perfect! It wasn't too heavy, or too was just right! 

Wanna hear some good news?

Popcorners wants to send a FREE CASE to one of my readers!

Just fill out the rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Settling In and Summertime Workouts!

Well, I've officially got my new membership at the local YMCA and I couldn't be happier!
They don't have every single machine that I did at my old Y, but it's pretty cool too. They have my SPIN class that I love, but unfortunately they do not have Dance it Out. BUT... they do have a crazy awesome INSANITY class and it is so much fun! Super intense and makes me SWEAT! I love it! 

My new routine looks something like this:
Monday- Strength Training and SPIN
Tuesday - Walk around the neighborhood  (BTW we have KILLER hills...) and playing while babysitting
Wednesday - Strength Training and SPIN
Thursday - Zumba 
Friday - Strength Training and INSANITY
Saturday - Zumba
Sunday - rest day

I've made a few friends at the gym, so that's nice. I was talking about Dance It Out one day, and a lady told me there was a Zumba Training coming up. She actually owns her own studio and wants me to get certified so I can TEACH it there! She said I could use some more modern music to make it my own... :) I AM SO PUMPED! 

I've been fortunate to live in the bonus room at Jared's parents house, while I'm trying to get interviews for a full time job here. They have been so supportive and I'm truly grateful for them! I also get to hangout with my soon-to-be niece and nephew A LOT MORE! :) Love those kiddos! 

Jared News:
He is playing in the US OPEN Qualifier today! 


P.S. We are currently looking for sponsors if you'd like to help out! 


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