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How Intuitive Eating Has Changed My Life

It's been a while since I've written a blog post. Today I wanted to update you on what the Wolfepack has been up to, and also share how intuitive eating has helped change my (our) life! 

Eating intuitively has helped me not only with food, but with my relationship with working out and traveling. Health and wellness took on a whole new meaning to me once I got married. Before, it was all about having a certain body size and eating "perfectly". Now, wellness means that I have a healthy MIND as well as implementing healthy and fun foods with exercise that feels good. For me, that meant SCALING BACK on the intense workouts and not following any "certain meal plans" and learning to eat intuitively! I still love to eat healthy foods and create healthy recipes, but I also leave room for FUN FOOD anytime I have the craving. It's helped me and our marriage SO MUCH because we are just enjoying life together and I'm not worrying about calories, carbs, fat gram…