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Our Favorite Ways To Find New Healthy Snacks

If you know us at all, you know we LOVE to eat! We enjoy eating healthy foods the majority of the time, but still leave room for treats! Today, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite ways to find NEW healthy snacks! 

1. Read about them on blogs! We have seen so many new snack ideas from reading other health/fitness blogs on the internet! 
2. HASHTAGS on Twitter/Instagram Often, you can find healthy snack ideas by typing in healthy giveaway, protein giveaway, or whatever type of giveaway you're in the mood for! 
3. FitSnack Box Every month, there is a box FULL of new snacks that are delivered right to our door! We get so many new ideas for healthy snacks!  We had never even heard of Jackon's Honest Potato Chips until we received them in our FitSnack box this month. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Plus, the ingredients were just Sweet Potatoes, Organic Coconut Oil, and Sea Salt! 
A bonus of the FitSnack box is that it actually includes a new workout each month as well! These …

A Life Update Through Pictures!

It's been a while since we've given an update on what's been going on in our world. So, today we are sharing just a bunch of random pictures of what's been going on with us over the last couple months.

We were VERY fortunate to view a "Pre-Screening" of two new movies! Faith of our Fathers and War Room. They were both great! We loved that they were Christian based films and shared God's love while having an entertaining story line. Please go see them when they release! Faith of our Fathers comes out on July 1st and War Room comes out on August 28th! 

We packed up Jared's suitcase and golf bag for the beginning of PGA Tour Canada! It is such a different feeling for both of us this year. We did a LOT of growing last year on our Rookie Year. This time around, we both have SO MUCH PEACE knowing that God is taking care of both of us. There are less expectations on both ends and we are working hard to make this the best season yet. We are so grat…

Fresh Spin on Old Routines

I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE shaking up my workout routine every once in a while. For this post, I've partnered up with Zevia. They are full swing in to #TheNewSweet campaign where they are asking people to put a fresh spin on their old routines in time for spring! You can join the fun by following them on Instagram and Twitter and hashtagging #TheNewSweet. 

This spring we have been VERY VERY FORTUNATE to be living in sunny Florida! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I have been able to attend a few of Jared's smaller tournaments that are on the weekends because they are only a couple hours away. So this spring, I've been caddying when I can. We walk upwards of 5-6 miles each round and the bag isn't exactly light, but thanks to the double strap, it's easy on my back and I really enjoy getting a workout in while I'm helping my man on the course! :) Because the smaller tournaments are over and Jared is getting prepared for the Canadian Tour this summ…

Sliders, Flatzzas, and Healthier Pizza Lunchables!

Angelic Bakehouse sent us some bread, rolls, and flatzzas to taste and review! We were not compensated for this post, just sent product. All opinions are our own.
Here's a little more info about the company from their website: If you’re looking for the best sprouted whole grain breads, premium wraps and pizza crusts you’ve ever tasted, you’ve come to the right place. We only use pure ingredients to create wholesome food that is preservative free and non-GMO. All of our products are egg free, dairy free, nut free and vegetarian, so everyone can enjoy our fresh baked goodness. And speaking of goodness, did we mention we taste delicious? Yeah, we taste like bread should taste. Stop sacrificing and start enjoying your daily bread.
******************************************** Confession: When we came home and opened the box of goodies, we were super hungry and immediately opened the rolls and devoured one straight from the package. 
WOWZA! They were awesome!!!! They were full of g…

Snacks 101 Baked Popcorn Review and Giveaway

Snacks 101 was very gracious and sent us some of their popcorn to review and host a giveaway! 
Did you know their popcorn is BAKED?!!?!? They have created a way to bake this popcorn while sealing in flavor and using coconut oil which is VERY good for your body! Talk about a win win! The other cool thing about this popcorn is that they don't have ANY un-popped kernels at the bottom of the bag! 

The best part about the Less Mess White Cheddar flavor is that it REALLY isn't messy like most of the other white cheddar popcorn on the market! Our fingers weren't coated with cheese after eating! It was great! 
We LOVED the Sea Salt and White Cheddar the best, but enjoyed all of the flavors.  If you're a spicy fan, you will LOVE the Sweet and Spicy Siracha!  IT IS HOT!!!! The Smokey Chipotle had a great flavor with a little less heat than the Siracha. 
WHO WANTS TO WIN A CASE OF SEA SALT!?!? That's right, an entire case, which is 12 bags of popcorn!!! All you have to do i…

Birdseye FlavorFull Barbecue Corn is the Perfect Side!

Remember last week, when we talked about our new find at Meijer? Well, today, we want to show you how we incorporated Birdseye FlavorFull Barbecue Sweet Corn into our QUICK& EASY, healthy dinner!  
Like I said last week, I typically prepare our meats for the week ahead of time so they are ready to go on the day we will eat them. This particular night, we had a ham steak planned, so it just needed to be heated up for a few minutes in the oven. 
We threw the corn into the microwave for a few minutes while Jared chopped up some carrots and banana peppers for a side salad.   
 Then, I poured the corn into a serving bowl and at the same time, Jared was finished with the salad, so our meal was ready in less than 5 minutes! 
We enjoyed some fresh strawberries for our dessert because they were on sale and looked so juicy, that we had to add them into our meal! 

We both thought the corn was VERY flavorful and delicious by itself, but is also great additions to other foods. I personall…

New FlavorFULL Sides Dishes Jazz Up Regular Meals!

Did you know Meijer is selling brand new Birds Eye SteamFresh Full Flavor and Protein in their freezer section? 

 I get off later in the evening than most jobs, so having a quick and easy dinner that is still nutritious is important to me and my husband. We are always SUPER hungry when we get home, and when we had the opportunity to try out these new FlavorFull Sides, we decided that they were JUST what we needed! 

We couldn't believe that all we had to do was just pop this bag into the microwave!  HOW EASY IS THAT?!? 
I typically will pre-cook our meat early in the week or make it in a crockpot to help with getting our dinner on the table quicker, but the tricky part is always the side dishes. They take a while to cook and aren't as easy to pre-make. These FlavorFull Sides are PERFECT for our family! Quick, easy to make, delicious and nutritious! What more could we ask for? 
Do you get off work late in the evening or have kids that play sports?  We want to know your story an…

Shake Things Up with a PB & Banana Smoothie

If you're like us, then you LOVE Peanut Butter and Banana together. We love it on toast, on top of oatmeal, and on our pancakes. Sometimes, we like to shake things up a bit and make a PB & Banana Protein Packed SMOOTHIE! 
It tastes good and is super easy to make!  Ingredients: 1 cup milk  1 frozen banana  2 tbsp peanut butter 1 serving protein powder  1 tbsp cinnamon  1 scoop Tosi Health Complete Greens (totally optional, we just like to get in extra veggies however we can!)
Directions: Pour everything into a blender and let it do it's magic!  We love to drink these after our workouts because they have 20 g of protein needed for our muscles to build and recover. We also love making these for snacks or dessert! They taste THAT good! SO YUMMY! 

Let us know... What is YOUR favorite protein packed smoothie combo? 
This post was inspired by DailyBurn’s #ShowUsYourSmoothie project. They Have more information on alternative protein sources too!