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OU81 Bars Review

OU81 sent me some of their bars to try and review on my blog. Here's some info from their website:
It all started back in the summer of 2011…6 months into CrossFit and frustrated with my “paleo” food options, I needed a sweet treat. As a foodie/fat kid at heart, I needed something that not only was nutritious but just as important – tasty! That’s where the mission started. The first bar, admittedly, was disgusting. After making a few tweaks the next product tasted good but looked like a dog biscuit. After experimenting with numerous batches, a testable prototype was created. The 1st guinea pigs, I mean test subjects, were my fellow CrossFitters and coaches at my box. The feedback was amazing and Nosh Bar was officially born!  6 months into our experiment, we ran into trademark issues and had to change the company name to “OU81″ and here we stand today!  (If you’d like to get a bit more detailed information about us, please check out our first blog post.)


I just moved, so I've been pretty busy lately.  I have some great reviews coming up!  STAY TUNED!! :)

Under Armour #WhatsBeautiful Post #2

This awesome package was waiting for me on my front porch when I got home. 
I LOVE all the Under Armour SWAG I received as part of the #WhatsBeautiful Campaign with FitFluential. 

The shoes are rockin' shades of blue and HOT PINK! They are super comfy. They are made out of 4D Foam and part of the Heat Gear line. They hardly feel like you're wearing any shoes. It's like walking on clouds.
The tank top is also part of their Heat Gear line and is made with Charged Cotton. It is nice and flowy. Perfect for my tough weight room workouts!  (Btw, I went BEAST MODE yesterday in the gym! I increased my Lat Pull weight by 5 pounds and I did 15 reps of my squats each round!)

The headbands really work to hold my hair out of my face! I also love the phrases that are on them! "Play Hard" "Bring It" "All Heart"
As I said in my First Post, my goal is to "Get Sexy and Fit for my wedding on July 25th"  and...

The Simply Whey Bar Review

The Simply Bar came out with a new line of PROTEIN BARS! :) They sent me some to try!
Here's some info about them from their website: The Simply Bar has an exciting new addition to our protein bar family! Simply Whey Bars are now available in Canada. Still gluten-free, vegetarian, low sodium, and low sugar, Simply Whey Bars are peanut-free and made without tree nuts or soy ingredients. We’ve included whey in our new protein bars because of its incredible health benefits. Whey protein contains glutathione, an antioxidant that’s needed for a healthy and strong immune system, but can be depleted after exercise, so eating a protein bar rich in whey protein will help keep your levels up. Plus whey is easy to digest and very filling, ensuring you’re snacking with a purpose. Simply Whey are a good source of calcium and, like our other bars, and excellent source of protein with hardly any calories. Each bar contains 15 grams of protein and only 150 calories. Perfect for individ…

Yu! Healthy Snacks Review

Here's some info about Yu! Snacks from their website: Hi I'm Philip O'Connor and with my mate John Toomey, we bring you Yu! We set out to create
healthy snacks that would really appeal to kids,
only to find that adults love them too. Interesting the whole family in healthy snacks can be challenging (to say the least!). My wife Mary does a brilliant job of keeping the fruit bowl full and fresh - but it remains mostly untouched, just like the fruit she'd lovingly stuff into our kids' lunchboxes. 
That's where Yu! comes in! 
Made from real fruit, the Yu! range is the perfect solution to healthier snacking on the go. There are four delicious ranges, including three with a natural yogurt coating. Importantly, nothing we make contains any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. 
It's worked brilliantly with our kids, and we hope it will with you too.
If you're anything like John and me, you'll probably find yourself pinching Yu! f…

Van's Naturals New Products Review and GIVEAWAY!

Van's Naturals sent me a few of their new products to review!
Cinnamon Heaven Cereal: 10/10! DELISH.  Usually cinnamon cereal leaves a bunch of cinnamon residue on my hands, but this didn't at all. It was very flavorful! I also LOVE that it was natural! 

Cranberry Almond Cereal Bars: 10/10! WOW. These were so soft and chewy. They tasted like dessert! I also loved that they were whole grain. These rock!
Say Cheese! Crackers: 9/10! These were very flavorful and I LOVED that they had oats, grains, and quinoa INSIDE each cracker! How cool is that?!?!
Please visit their website:
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Van's also wants to give YOU a chance to try these for FREE!
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#WhatsBeautiful Under Armour Campaign


Under Armour is launching  a nationwide campaign and they have chosen over 300 women around the world to help empower women in their communities and across the world!  I have been chosen as one of the lucky women to set team goals, help motivate others and allow us to reach those goals TOGETHER!  This is our chance to do something huge.  To impact our lives and the lives of our families...together.

Details on the campaign can be found here:

To join my team, click here: Here is some more info Taken right from their website: Together we’re redefining the female athlete by setting epic goals and pushing past where we’ve ever been and where we thought we could go. Join us. Set your own personal goal. Then document your journey by posting videos and photos that tell your story from start to victory.We’ll continuously post challenges for you. But that’s just the beginning. Sh…

Fancy Date Night to see the Lion King!

Jared and I enjoyed a fancy date night last night. We saw Lion King at TPAC in Nashville.

We loved getting dressed up! It is fun to get super fancy every once in a while. 
The play was AWESOME! We highly recommend going to see it if you get the chance.

Afterwards, we walked around downtown and ate dinner outside at a restaurant. The wind was going CRAZY... Jared snapped this picture right as a huge gust of wind took me by surprise! haha

 During our dinner, we enjoyed watching ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE running in the local Tap Run. Basically, anyone and everyone could run in this 5k. A lot of people were dressed up in crazy costumes (Red Solo Cup, superheros, business suits, tu-toos, and many more) All along the course, you could stop into the bars along the course for a free beer. It was definitely a sight to see! It added free entertainment to our evening. haha.



A couple weeks ago, I went shopping with my future Mother-in…