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Friday Favorites 12/16

It's time for another round up of our current Friday Favorites! 
Organic Valley and Organic Prairie Organic Valley has a line of Protein Shakes and man are they tasty! Jared and I both think that they taste like milkshakes! They are super decadent tasting, yet they have Absolutely NO antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything.
We are HUGE fans of having snacks on hand at all times, and these Mighty Bars and Beef Jerky packs are DELICIOUS and perfect to carry around in your purse or golf bag ;) 
Check out their Organic Valley's website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Check out Organic Prairie's website and Facebook
Primal Kitchen Jared LOVES Ranch dressing. He used to put it on EVERYTHING. In college, he started to eat healthier, so he significantly decreased his ranch consumption because most of the dressings available are full of bad ingredients. Jared was so excited to eat ranch dressing again! Here's some info about the dressing from the webs…

Massage Track

The Massage Track™ tools were invented by Eric who is 45 and has a rare condition which causes tightness in the muscles and connective tissues. This is more than a nuisance for him, but a blessing for you because his body is the perfect sandbox for developing exceptional deep tissue massage tools (what your Physical Therapist might refer to as ‘self-myofascial release tools’). He created Massage Track for relief when he was really desperate and has used it nearly every day since. He uses it after waking and often a few more times during the day. After two years of development, Eric launched the Massage Track tools on Kickstarter to a dramatic response from around the world.  Our tools are now in use in 35 countries. They’re great for getting relief from generic aches and pains but are also being used successfully to treat repetitive strain injury, accelerate workout recovery for athletes, manage degenerative disc disease and slipped disc pain, and last but not least, help accident vic…

Protein Packed Pay Day Waffles!

Purely Inspired is providing us with product in exchange for recipes each month. We are not compensated for these posts, just sent product. 

Today, I have a recipe for PROTEIN PACKED PAY DAY WAFFLES! If you're a non-chocolate person like I am, your favorite candy might be a PAY DAY. Peanuts and caramel, mmmm. While I eat a Pay Day bar every once in a while, I love making these waffles more often because they are healthier and give you that peanut and caramel flavor without the overload of sugar! 
For the waffle, all you need is: Two Eggs, Half a scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder, and two spoonfuls of Purely Inspired Powdered Peanut Butter. (You could also add a splash of milk if you'd like) 
Just throw everything in the blender, and pour the batter into your waffle maker. Top with Greek God's HONEY CARAMEL greek yogurt! That's it. Super simple and very tasty! I like to add a banana on top as well. You can get creative with your own topping preferences. 


The One Set - 15 Rep Workout with ExMed360

Decades ago scientists found that lifting a weight makes you breathe hard and your heart pound, but lowering a weight gives you the strength without the effort. For thiry years medical fitness companies have sought to develop resistance machines that gave the benefits of lowering the weight without out the stress and fatigue of pushing and pulling it. ExMed is the result of these decades of work. Designed and developed by an Orthopaedic surgeon from the University of Florida, ExMed provides the exact dose of resistance required to strengthen bones, muscles and ligaments with the least amount of effort. This revolutionary system breaks down the barriers to resistance training and makes it accessible to normal individuals and our aging population. The computer control system simplifies complex workouts and condenses the training down to a single session of 15 minutes a week.

Resistance training involves three phases: Concentric phase (positive movement) which involves lifting weight and c…

New Product Round Up #275

Today, we have a few new butters, bars, and snacks to share with you! We are grateful for the opportunity to review so many delicious and nutritious snacks. 
Pro Mix Nutrition Talk about a protein win! These puffs are an easy way to get in a lot of extra protein to your day! We poured them in yogurt, smoothie bowls and oatmeal. They contain unflavored whey from pasture raised cows with no NO: SOY, GLUTEN, HORMONES, ACID, BLEACH, GMO'S!!!
We love these Whey Protein Puffs and we know you will too! Check out their website, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more info. 

New Pop This is the world's first SKINLESS popcorn!!! Here's some more info from their website: We start with a kernel of corn and remove the skin using a very unique (secretive!) process. The skin is the annoying part that always ends up stuck in your teeth and that you end up trying to wrestle out with your tongue for the next 2 hours. Not fun! Once the skin is removed, the kernel is then popped under high pre…

Top 10 Quick Exercises for Busy Entrepreneurs

Today, I have a guest post from Sarah over at Start Blogging Online about some great exercises for busy entrepreneurs! Hope you enjoy. 
Whether you work from home or you go to your office daily, the truth of the matter is we are all busy.  These modern days have certainly evolved into becoming such a survival place for the fittest that to emerge as the winner, you got to keep busy.  The sad part is that we forget that we are able to work because of our health. 
Many busy people lose more than gain from their line of work once their health deteriorates.  You must never realize late that there are actually easy to follow exercises that you can implement even in your busiest routine.  You just have to motivate and program yourself to spend a few minutes, right where you are, to perform some physical activity and get that blood flowing.
To stay fit is not a walk in the park.  But you should also stop making excuses on why you cannot find the time to exercise.  Not having eno…

All the Snacks!!! (Giveaway)

It's time for another round up of some awesome products that we've been blessed to review lately! There's also a chance for you to win something at the end! 
Wewalka Wewalka introduces another U.S. first with its sweet, layered Danish Dough. A versatile seamless sheet comprised of 36 folded layers of yeast dough, it is the perfect foundation for baking up croissants, sweet rolls, turnovers, and other delicious pastries. Whether you fill it, roll it, braid it or top it, Wewalka Danish Dough provides another European classic destined to be an American favorite.
Jared and I loved this dough! It was light and fluffy. It tasted incredible stuffed with savory and sweet flavors. The first thing we made was a pizza "hot pocket". They tasted so much better than the store bought brand that we grew up eating, and they didn't have any weird ingredients! YAY! 
I had my friend, Bridget, over for brunch one weekend and we made some fruit filled pastries, and I even made an e…

While We Are Waiting...

I figured it was time for a little life update here on the blog. Unfortunately, Jared did not make it through first stage of Web.Com Tour Q-School this year. While it was extremely difficult to process immediately afterwards, Jared has gotten his emotions out and let them go. 
Right now, we are in what seems like a long waiting season, but, what most people might not know is that we are doing our best to LOVE it. We don't want to stay in a constant state of sadness just because ONE ROUTE of making it back on the Web.Com tour didn't work out. God is showing us each and every day that there are TOO MANY BLESSINGS to miss out on right now!  Jared and I have been doing the best we can to serve God and serve others around us. Here's just a few of the things we have been doing lately. 
We are cheering on our friends who made it through first stage and want to see them succeed and make it to finals! Our good friends, Zack and Katie Fischer, were headed to the Web.Com Tour Champi…