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new running shorts!

So, I finally found some new running shorts that are a "swishy type material". They worked SOOOO much better than my usual Sofee shorts. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Sofee shorts, but they just don't work quite the way I need them to when I have sweat dripping off me. haha.

because I'm old enough...



1 week down...


1 week down, only 9 more to go!


I'm so happy I decided to do this!

Working towards a goal has been great for me!

"Thank you Jesus for helping me with my goal."

Jump Zone!!!

I took the little rascals to the Jump Zone today!
Basically, it has all those inflatables in one giant facility.
YES, I did go on some, and yes, I had FUN, and yes, I am just a big kid! haha

Despicable Me!!!

Despicable Me was such a CUTE MOVIE!!!
I took the kiddos to see it.
I was laughing and "awww"ing the whole time! I was given 7 brand name shirts, 2 hoodies, and a dress for FREE!!! I also get to try out 3 pairs of jeans on Wednesday too!

Mary-Drake was cleaning out her closet before she goes back to school shopping!!!



and so it begins...

so, I went to the R3 Running store today and they custom fit me into some running shoes.

Half-Marathon, HERE I COME!!!


it's official...

I'm officially registered for the Women's Half Marathon on September 25th!!!

I'm super pumped/nervous/excited because I workout ALL the time, but now I actually have a GOAL to work towards.

"I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens me!" - Phil 4:13

That is my FAVORITE verse, and it is going to help remind me through this whole thing that I can do anything with God's help!!!

WARNING: you will laugh at this post...

so...the boys asked us girls to help give them a makeover...
Let me tell you, it was TONS of fun!
Ohhhh boy!
I have such a fun job!

and yes, those are oranges in their shirts!

TOTALLY their idea!

This summer has been awesome! I don't want it to EVER END!!!


how come EVERY time I do laundry I end up with ONE sock missing it's buddy???!???!???


please tell me this happens to other people too...


check out our awesome LEGO CANDY MACHINE!!!


it's a bird, it's a plane,'s Blake's new PLAYGROUND!


Blake's new playground is bigger than McDonalds!!!

This thing is AWESOME. and yes, you better believe I was playing all over it with him!!!

although, we quickly found out that Ms. Kelsey could NOT spin on the tire swing like Blake at ALL...

I was seriously dizzy and my head started hurting, and thought I just might hurl!

eeeewwww... I will never ride that tire swing again!


wow...I'm doing two-a-day babysitting jobs EVERY day this week! YAY! :)

road sign I saw...

so I was driving along and saw this sign on a church that really caught my attention:

Eternity is a long time to be wrong

This really made me disappointed in myself. I feel like I haven't been telling people about Jesus and all that He did for us enough lately. I mean, yes, I try to be a good witness, but I need to do more TELLING others about Jesus and His amazing love. If people don't hear about it, how else will they know? I hate thinking that I could be the ONLY person that somebody might have a chance to talk to about Jesus, and I let the opportunities just pass me by... I am going to work on this.

catching up...

where did June go?!?!? This summer is just FLYING by! I'm having a blast! :)

this week has been busy, which I love, because I would much rather be busy than bored.

Monday I watched Blake for a bit and at night Daddy treated me to dinner out. I picked ihop because I have been wanting to try something new...Strawberry Crepes. They were delicious! It was breakfast for dinner + dessert ALL IN ONE! YUM!

Tuesday I watched a new family so the mom could go to a job interview. They JUST moved here. They were so sweet. 6 and 7 year old + a 8 month old baby. When I was leaving, the little girl asked if I could come back tomorrow! It's times like those that I enjoy because I really feel appreciated. Then, I hung out with Robbie and Myrt. I rode the dirtbike for a while since Myrt got tired of it...let me tell you, that thing goes 50 mph! I was cranking it up as fast as it would go! I had so much fun! At night, I accompanied my daddy to a Rotary dinner banquet since my mom is at Kacy's to…