Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reviewing my Goals for 2011

Before I start writing my goals for 2012, let's see how I did with my goals for 2011.

#1 - Laugh at myself when people are teasing - HALF CHECK!
I am extremely sensitive and I did laugh at myself when people joked around at me, but I could still do a better job.

#2 - Reach out to others and uplift people around me - CHECK!
I have donated over 2 GALLONS of blood now, so hopefully that has helped save a few lives! It also makes me grateful for my health!
I had quite a few people tell me that I was the most positive person that they know. They said if they ever felt bad, all they had to do was look at my facebook page, or see my smile, and they would immediately cheer up. I am SO proud of this accomplishment. I want to show God's love through my actions and I will continue to do this from now on!

#3 - Spend $ once in a while for fun - CHECK!
I still love saving money when I can, but this year I set out a monthly budget and allowed myself "fun money". I had a BLAST and still stayed within my budget.

#4 - Eat for health, not to be skinny - CHECK!
I have experimented with SO MANY NEW FOODS this year, it's crazy! I am SO MUCH HAPPIER enjoying food instead of worrying about every little calorie or fat gram like I used can read about that here. I have done a ton of product reviews for some really awesome companies! I'm so grateful for their generosity!

Did you accomplish your goals for 2011???

Friday, December 30, 2011

Perfect Foods Bar Review

Perfect Foods was kind enough to send me some bars to try and review on my blog. Here is a little info about them from their website:

10 Reasons to try Perfect Foods Bars:

10. Simple Ingredients. Real Food. You can pronounce all of the ingredients without a chemistry degree.

9. Over 20 nutrient dense organic whole foods provide good vitamins and minerals on-the-go. Plus, with ingredients such as tomato, bell pepper, alfalfa and celery, you will finally be able to tell your mother that you're eating your vegetables!

8. No Refined Sugar. Since the only sweetener we use is organic honey, your body can digest it slower than it would refined sugar. This means you'll have long sustained energy without a crash.

7. Good source of fiber. Everyone knows fiber is important and aids in proper digestion.

6. Soy free. Research suggests soy consumption might be linked to several health conditions including: bloating, hormonal imbalance, unusual weight gain, and allergies. (Hidden Dangers of Soy by Dianne Gregg.) The problem with soy is that most products you find at the grocery store have some form of this ingredient - you have to know what to look for because it’s hidden in so many ingredients.

5. Handmade. These bars are handmade by happy people in sunny San Diego. We create jobs and support our local community. Besides, robots are kind of scary.

4. High in Omega-3s. Anti-inflammatory omega-3s are an important addition to your daily diet.

3. Gluten free. Whether you've been diagnosed with celiacs or have found that your body doesn't digest gluten very well, we are committed to being gluten-free. We encourage everyone to read more about the ill effects of gluten on your body's digestive system.

2. Refrigerated. Because there are no artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives these bars are stored in the fridge. Yum!

1. They taste amazing. PERIOD. Seriously, you really won't even remember the 9 other reasons once you try a bar. They taste like cookie dough, but are packed with the nutrients your body needs to stay active!

Also, early next year we are launching 100-calorie packs in our Almond Butter and Peanut Butter flavors! We are really excited to offer another low-cal option to our customers, so keep an eye out for that!

Now onto my review:

Carob Chip: 5/10! I wasn’t sure what to expect with Carob Chips, because I have never had them before. The flavor wasn’t bad, but it just reminded me of chocolate, which I HATE. haha! It wasn’t my favorite flavor ever, but the bar was still good overall because it was protein packed! I liked the texture. I'm sure all you choco-holics would love this flavor!

Cranberry Crunch Lite: 10/10! This flavor was great! I also enjoyed the little brown rice puffs that were mixed in. That gave it a lighter taste. It had 10g of protein!

Peanut Butter 11/10! This flavor was incredibly peanut buttery. It was SO GOOD! It was like taking a spoonful of peanut butter from the jar…yes, it was THAT GOOD!

Almond butter: 10/10! This bar was very smooth and creamy! It was almond butter packed, just like the PB bar! Loved the taste! :)

Fruit & Nut: 10/10! I loved the crunch of the walnuts, the chewiness from the raisins, and the sweetness from the honey! This bar was fantastic!

I can't decide which flavor I liked the best, because they were all WONDERFUL! But, if I just HAD to choose, I would probably pick Peanut Butter. I just LOVE PB!


Please visit their website and try some for yourself!

Thoughts on Perfection

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

I found this quote online this morning and I now have it posted on my bathroom mirror.

I definitely have a "Type A" personality. I love this quote because it reminds me that it's okay if things aren't "perfect" all the time. What really is perfect anyways?

The only true PERFECT in life is Jesus Christ.

Why do I waste so much time worrying about the little things in life? In the end, they won't matter.

This is definitely going to be one of my goals for 2012:

Stop worrying so much about everything being perfect. Just smile and ENJOY life!

This morning we played SORRY! while I was babysitting. Gosh, I forgot how much I love this game! We had a blast! They also have the Sorry! Revenge card game. It was interesting, but I still like the original the best. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

P.S. I am SO excited because a QUEST BAR sampler pack was waiting at my door for me to review! I LOVE QUEST BARS!!! I've reviewed them before. To see the review, click here. This pack was full of their NEW ALL NATURAL bars! Stay tuned for the full review!

What are YOUR thoughts on perfection????

Nextrino Activated Charcoal Tea Tree Soap

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