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Our Golf Life is Hard, but God Helps us Persevere!

Today, I am going to pour out my heart. 
Oh, where do I begin? Golf is hard. Golf is fun. Golf is a rollercoaster.  
A few months ago, Jared played in his first Web.Com Tour event of the season. He made the cut and we were thrilled! Then, he had a rough weekend and finished close to last. A few weeks later, he Monday qualified into the New York tournament and not only made the cut, he finished around the middle of the pack. He's making so much progress! 
Then, fast forward a few weeks and we are to the point we are today. He didn't make it through the past two Monday qualifiers. As Jared's wife, it absolutely BREAKS MY HEART to see him disappointed in himself. 

My husband is the HARDEST working man out there and he puts his heart and soul into grinding every single day. I want more than anything for him to make it to the PGA Tour one day. If you know Jared and I at all, this has nothing to do with money, it's all about the dream and calling God has placed on our life. …

This Granola is Nuts Review


I really enjoyed this granola. It had a great taste!  I used this granola in three different ways. I first tried it in a smoothie. It blended really well and I could taste the difference it gave to the smoothie. The second way I tried it, which was my favorite, was to mix it in a bowl with yogurt. My wife gave me this idea when we started dating and it's one of my favorite ways to eat granola. I really liked the flavor and texture it added to the yogurt. The third way was straight from the bag. I also really liked the raw taste of the granola. I recommend this to anyone looking for a snack, an addition to smoothies, or an add on to any snack!
Check out their website, Twitter, and Instagram for more info! 
This granola was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. We were not compensated for this post, just sent product. All opinions are our own. 

Beef Pad Thai Recipe by Jared

BEEF PAD THAI  We were asked to participate in a contest with JSL Foods using their noodles, so Jared was all over this recipe! He was super happy to have some HOMEMADE pad thai during an off week for golf! 

Directions:  Take 1b of ground beef and chop it up in a skillet

Season to taste with curry, ginger, garlic, salt & pepper Microwave noodles for 1 minute after poking holes in the package 

Put the noodles in the skillet with the cooked meat and add the sauce powder with 1/2 cup of water. Add one scoop of peanut butter Mix all the ingredients in the skillet together evenly. 

Fry one egg and place on top of the dish Sprinkle with lime and enjoy!

You can purchase the noodles at Albertson's and Target stores!
Please check out JSL Foods on Twitter and Facebook

Peanut Butter Paradise Pastries

Peanut Butter Paradise Pastries 
Ingredients: 1 package Wewalka Pastry Dough 2 bananas Peanut butter  1 scoop Purely Inspired Protein Powder  1/4 cup yogurt  1/4 cup of Truly Tropical Golden Girl Granola 
Directions: 1. Open pastry dough package and cut into 6 even strips. 
2. Slice a banana into thin layer and place on top of dough. 

3. Add about a tablespoon of peanut butter on top of banana. 
4. Fold dough on top and squeeze sides to make sure they are sealed. 
5. Bake at 400*F for about 15 minutes. 

6. While they are baking, start making your protein frosting. Mix yogurt and scoop of protein powder together for about 1 minute or until smooth.  

7. After the pastries are done cooking, allow them to cool in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then top with protein frosting and granola! 
These are not only delicious, but they are healthy too! Win win! 
Purely Inspired is providing us with protein in exchange for recipes each month. We are not compensated for these posts, just sent pr…

Wewalka European Bakery Style Dough

Wewalka sent us some dough to try in exchange for an honest review on the blog.  We were not compensated monetarily, just sent product. All opinions are our own.  
First of all, I have to admit how excited we both were that they included an apron and an oven mitt with the dough. It was so thoughtful and added a fun element to our cooking adventures! 
Here's a little about Wewalka from their website: Today, Wewalka is a family-run company driven by a passion for good food and good living. We actively listen to our consumers, our customers and our employees, to offer the best baking solutions available. That is why we only use the highest quality ingredients and produce all of our products using clean, renewable energy. We never compromise our recipes by including bromated or bleached flour, animal by-products, high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil. And we remain committed to producing all of our products in a sustainable and responsible way.

We love the fact that this dough do…