Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well, this was definitely an unexpected Thanksgiving!
Tues, my mom got a phone call that we needed to come down to Florida ASAP because my grandpa was not doing well and was in the hospital. He had a stroke, stopped breathing, had to have CODE RED called on him, and all kinds of we packed our bags and drove down there about noon on Tuesday. We got down there and they installed a pacemaker. He did better after that, and they finally released him on Thanksgiving. So, we were very grateful that he got to spend Thanksgiving with us at their house. GOD IS GOOD!

It definitely hit me that I'm seriously almost done with this semester and I cannot be more excited!
but it's gonna be a tough few weeks that's for sure.
I have my last regular chemistry test on the 7th, and we present our huge research project presentation on the 9th.
Then, finals start, and I have my last exam, Chemistry on Dec 16th.
you better believe that the WHOLE CAMPUS will here me scream as I walk out of the science building at 12:31 pm.

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