Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spotlight on My Awesome Hubby!

 I am SO PROUD of the godly man that is my husband, Jared. He is such a great man of God. I am so blessed to have him as my husband. Not only is he playing golf because he enjoys it and is talented, he is playing so he can use his platform to glorify GOD and show others God's love!

Check out his interview on our local news channel:

I am SO proud of Jared off the course as well. This man is the most SELFLESS, KIND, and GRACIOUS human being. I am so grateful for him because he shows me grace when I make mistakes. He ALWAYS puts my needs first and does a WONDERFUL job taking care of me. I don't deserve a man like him, but am so grateful that God has given Him to me. 

This man has made me feel STRONG and CONFIDENT about myself after YEARS AND YEARS of struggling with my body image. I cannot begin to express all the things that he has done to help me.  He has taught me how to fuel my body properly so I can be strong and fit! I am so incredibly thankful for his words of advice. 

When he has to travel for practice and tournaments, he does HIS BEST to make sure that we can communicate as much as possible. He has given up time with his friends to FaceTime with me when I'm at home by myself. He makes sure that I am okay at home. I am so thankful for the quality time he gives me when he is away. It's not easy being long distance, but he is doing a great job of making it be the best experience that it can be! 

Most importantly, Jared encourages me and challenges me in my walk with Christ. We discuss our daily devotionals and read the Bible together. He prays for me every single day. He helps explain the historical parts of the Bible that I don't understand as easily. He is such a great example and my role model! 

And... to top it all off... I think he is the CUTEST, MOST HANDSOME, HOTT, and SEXY MAN in the whole wide world!!!
My favorite pic of him! :)

Infinity Ball