Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Update: We've moved!

The reason we haven't posted in a while is because we have been VERY busy prepping and getting ready for our BIG MOVE! We were extremely grateful that Jared's parents let us stay in their basement for a little over a year, but we are super excited to finally have a place of our own!

Here are some moving day pics!

We managed to pack ALL of our stuff into 4 carloads. We spent the first day furniture shopping and thankfully found our bedroom AND living room furniture all at once! It should arrive within 10 days!


We have a bar area to eat at, so we got some bar stools and put them together right away. 

We are having fun unpacking all of our wedding gifts that we didn't get to use until now! It's like Christmas in September! 

Alan and Jared did a fine job putting up our curtains! 

After praying and seeking God's Will, we decided the move to Florida was necessary in order for Jared to further his career. It is very difficult to practice and get prepared for the next season during snowy winters in Kentucky. 

I will be caddying and helping Jared in anyway possible. I am hoping to find some families to babysit for here and there, while we are not traveling. While I miss my nanny job dearly, I am also SUPER excited to be part of OUR dream of making it onto the PGA Tour.

That's all for now! We have some new products coming to review, so be on the lookout for those in these next few weeks! 

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