Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Cruisin' 2015

For Christmas this year, Jared and I went on a cruise! Being in the golf world, we spend a LOT of time apart and this cruise was EXACTLY what we needed. We experienced UNINTERRUPTED quality time to the max! We didn't have to worry about a tournament coming up next week (because Jared finally has about a month off from tournament play) and I was off from work too!

The ship itself CONSTANTLY had something fun going on, so we were never just sitting around. We ate ALL SORTS OF DELICIOUS FOOD (the best part, right?), watched entertaining shows, participated in games and trivia sessions, soaked up the sun, and just enjoyed spending time with each other.

First, here's some food pics, because we all know the food is the best part of a cruise! 

We tried so many new foods and our bellies were very happy, especially eating PIZZA at midnight! :)  We stayed up past 11:30pm EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. If you really know us, that is a big deal, because we are usually asleep by 10pm. We also woke up around 7ish each day because we were so excited and didn't want to miss out on any fun!

Each night, they played a few movies on the HUGE screen at the pool. We grabbed some blankets and popcorn (and definitely more pizza) and enjoyed the show!  Side note: if you get cold easily like I do, make sure you pack warm clothes for INSIDE the ship... they crank that AC up!!! I was so glad they had blankets for the Dive In Movies, because I totally took them inside while we watched concerts and did trivia!

Our first port was Grand Turk. It was our favorite port. They had some fun shops and a beautiful beach. Jared snorkeled while I soaked up some sun. 

The second port was Half Moon Cay, which is Carnival's private island. There wasn't much there except the beach, so we enjoyed time there just relaxing.  

Our last port was Nassau, Bahamas. This was our least favorite stop. They had tons of unique shops and markets, but the people were very pushy and kept annoying us to buy something. It was fun to walk around for a little while, but after that, we went back to the ship. 

We saw a Nativity Scene, so we had to snap a picture! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Every night, we found a new towel animal on our bed. We are still trying to figure out what this animal was. If anyone knows, please tell us!! I say it's a turtle, but Jared disagrees.

The towel animals were so neat! Here's a snowman. That's MY kinda snowman, made without SNOW! I hate cold weather! 

They had a towel animal seminar, where we learned how to make our very own animals, all by ourselves! It was lots of fun!

These are our very own elephants, although mine turned out more like a puppy. 

Once again, thankful for the blankets to stay warm! haha

Because, we just couldn't get away from golf for an entire week... We played putt-putt on the ship ;)

Jared loves to snap goofy pics while I can't see him...

Here's a fancy ice sculpture.

We cannot wait for our next cruise! Time to start saving now!


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