Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Foods for the New Year

Happy 2016!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful new year! Today, we wanted to share some new foods for the new year with you! 

First up, our favorite monthly box of goodies from FitSnack. This month was packed full of new protein bars, that were PERFECT to take with us to the golf course! Our favorite was the Four Points Bar. It was nutrient dense and tasty! They also had some cool protein powders, energy bites, and more!  Because you are my awesome readers, you can GET YOUR FIRST BOX 50% OFF BY CLICKING HERE

We also had the opportunity to try out Pacific Beach Peanut butter. It was awesome! You know Jared and I are both PEANUT BUTTER FANATICS, and this stuff didn't disappoint at all! It was VERY flavorful and had just the right amount of small crunch from the peanuts and smoothness at the same time... 
Jared liked "Our signature" because it had a little chocolate taste to it because the almonds were roasted in cocoa butter. 

They didn't have weird ingredients in them, just a simple list. Thumbs up in our book! 

You definitely need to check out their website and see all of the other SUPER COOL flavors!! 

Enter the code WeLoveBloggers to receive 10% off your order! WAHOOO! 

Our favorite way to eat this delicious peanut butter is on a bagel with eggs and cinnamon! Don't knock it till you try it! It's such a good combo of flavors and it's PROTEIN PACKED, so it starts your day off right! 
You can connect with Pacific Beach Peanut Butter on Facebook and Twitter

What are some new foods that you've tried in the new year???

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