Sunday, October 31, 2010


so, I watched precious little Maddie the other day. When I walked in the door, she got a huge smile on her face, got all excited, and even did a happy dance! It made me feel SO GOOD! I really love babysitting, but moments like those just reinforce that love. :)

then, last night, I watched Blake, and he told me at least 5 times throughout the night, "Kels, I love it when you come over. I really enjoy it!" how sweet is that?!?!? he said that all on his own! he is pretty cute. He cracked me up as I was getting him ready for bed. I was in the middle of reading some books when I remembered he needed to brush his teeth. He said, "it's okay Kelsey, you stay here, I am a big boy, I can do it all by myself." so he walked to his bathroom, and pops his head back out and says, "Kelsey, you can just talk to yourself while I'm in here if you want!" HAHAHAHAHAH! He is so funny!


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