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Guest Post: Indoor vs. Outdoor Exercise


Las Vegas: Stay Fit Outdoors
You’d never believe how much time I used to spend at the gym. I would leave work around 5 o’clock, and I wouldn't arrive home until 8 or 9 o’clock most nights. The thing is, I didn’t necessarily like it at the gym -- all those sweaty people cramped into the same space, running about like hamsters on a wheel. The problem was that I didn’t know of a better way to get my workouts in.
Many others have opted for a simpler solution, such as running outdoors, going for a bike ride or even biking to errands. But my concerns for safety and the health issues caused by pollution always kept me from trying these solutions. But, after moving to a new place, I realized that each individual’s workout preference can vary depending on what town or city they live in. In fact, you might believe that my relocation to Las Vegas would only provide further encouragement to keep my workouts indoors, but the opposite ended up happening. 
Here’s my story:
Five years ago I moved to Las Vegas and wasn’t there for even a day when I thought to myself, “Crap! Where and how am I going to be able to safely exercise outdoors here?” When people think of Sin City, they don’t exactly associate it with exercise or see it as the beacon of health or mecca of fitness options (other than walking up and down the strip all day and night long). But I was soon proven wrong; as it turns out, there are many beautiful, natural settings in Las Vegas that are perfect for getting your sweat on.
The city of Las Vegas is located right in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and it’s a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape with scenic bike trails that go on for mile after mile. One of the best resources for biking in the desert, and the one I use all the time, is this resource for finding safe bike trails. Believe me; the desert is one place you do not want to get lost in while riding your bike!
Another great Las Vegas fitness fact that many cyclists and would-be cyclists don’t know about is that Sin City is one of America’s Cycle-Friendly Cities, named as one of the best by the League of American Bicyclists! What an awesome and unexpected resource it’s turned out to be! Now that I’ve lived in LV for a while, it’s not surprising that such a resourceful listing exists. Las Vegas recently invested $500,000 installing bicycle racks and lockers in the downtown area. Likewise, the city has added 390 bike lanes throughout the area!
If you happen to be traveling to Las Vegas and don’t want to sacrifice your fitness, this fantastic resource will help locate fitness-friendly hotels and activities. There are plenty of ways on this site to search for hotels and fitness activities that suit your
personal preferences. In fact, before moving here, I stayed for extended visits a couple of times to make sure I really wanted to take the leap and relocate to Las Vegas. What I found out was that the hotels here have great gyms and the front desk staff offered excellent outdoor fitness advice, as well as ideas on where to find health-conscious food and drink. Don’t believe it? Come to my new city that I love so much and see for yourself. 

Indoor Gym Workouts For Kelsey

I am the exact opposite of Bridget. I like to workout indoors. I am a HUGE sissy when it comes to cold weather, so I like to guarantee that I get my workout in by doing them inside.

I also like to workout indoors because I am NOT a runner. My favorite form of exercise is group fitness classes. I am obsessed with Dance Fit! I actually TEACH it now!!! Wahoo!!! It's kinda like Zumba, but uses modern pop and country songs instead of Latin music. Another group fitness class I enjoy is Spin. There is just something about the music pumping and having other people around you to pump you up and make you workout harder!

I am also a huge fan of strength training. My hubby has taught me that weights and creating muscle is very important and is actually really beneficial for your metabolism. I really enjoy M/W/F's now because they are my strength training days! They really make me feel strong and fit!


The bottom line is that you have to find out what workout is best for YOU! Make sure you have fun so you will continue for the rest of your life! Being healthy is the way to go!

Talk to us... what is YOUR favorite place to workout? Leave us a comment!

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