Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just a FEW of the things we're thankful for...

God has blessed us with SO MUCH. We wanted to share just a FEW of the things that we are thankful for...

Jared was able to travel to Florida and practice at the Disney courses for a week before the Second Stage of Q-School. (UPDATE: HE MADE IT TO THE FINAL STAGE!!! We are also thankful that I will be able to travel and stay with him in California!!!)

Kelsey has a great job that she LOVES. 

 She has fallen in love with Baby Drew and Amelia...


 We are both VERY thankful for QUALITY TIME that we can spend together. 

Jared travels a lot with golf, and we are so very thankful for those times when he is home and we can just enjoy spending time together. The first day he came home from second stage, we watched church online and ate pizza and laid in bed all day. It was the PERFECT lazy day full of quality time! 

We are excited for this new journey that we are going through. Praying that we make wise decisions in the days ahead and know that ultimately God has it under control! 

Infinity Ball