Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Naturally Nutty Review

Naturally Nutty sent us two flavors to review! Here's some info from their website:

Our almond butter is outstanding! We use fresh organic California almonds that come direct to us from the source.  All skins are left on the almonds during our process for the extra fiber benefits. The texture of our almond butter is smooth and creamy.  Free of GMOs!

We use the best organic peanuts in every flavor of our peanut butter, certified organic or not. We don't buy truckloads of peanuts that sit around, we buy smaller quantities that are used quickly to ensure optimal freshness. We grind our peanut butter to a nice smooth texture. Add in the extra organic flax and hemp and you have award winning flavor with a nutritional bonus.  Free of GMOs!

About Us and Our Story

I am a Vegan Mom who lives in Traverse City, Michigan with three great kids and a great husband.  I love peanut butter and began searching for the ultimate product for myself and, more importantly, my kids. I didn't trust the major brands and needed to know that my kids were eating pure, healthy food.  I was on a quest for a peanut butter that tasted amazing and, at the same time, was packed with natural and organic ingredients.  
I love hemp seed and flax seed because their benefits are endless (see health info page) but I couldn't find any peanut butter that used them.  While there are some good peanut butters out there, nothing seemed perfect.  I was looking for a healthy alternative to the major brands without compromising taste and texture and without the thick layer of oil on top.  Eventually I couldn't find what I was looking for and just decided to create my own with the help of friends and family and a lot of hard work.  Since the peanut butters were such a success I ventured into other nut and seed butters like almond, sunflower and pumpkin seed. Each one has its own challenges but I am so happy to be able to offer something for everyone with or without peanut and tree nut allergies.

Please enjoy the results of my quest and experimentation.  Each nut and seed butter is a unique gourmet concoction that is full of flavor and requires only a spoon (or clean finger).  Each flavor is created using my own unique recipes in small careful batches.  The process is completed in a Health Department approved facility and with strict and clean manufacturing practices.  All of my creations are made for all ages and truly handcrafted for health and a whole lot of happiness.
Try all of the flavors and enjoy!
 Our Review:
A-MAAAAAAZING! If you're looking for UNIQUE flavors of nut butter, Naturally Nutty is the way to go! Not only are there lots of options, they are completely NATURAL and full of wholesome ingredients! We enjoyed these flavors so much! The Cherry Toffee Peanut Butter was like dessert! The Vanilla Almond Butter was smooth and creamy and just plain awesome!

Please visit their website and order some for yourself! 

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