Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sexy Pop Review

Sexy Pop sent us some popcorn to review. Here's some info from their website:
Sexypop is founded by Robert Ehrlich, Shaman of Snacks, and genius innovator. Robert has a powerful sense of what is next. Robert has created Chaos, Power Puffs, Past Life Puffs, Spirulina Spirals, Oatbran Potato Chips, Personality Puffs, Nude Food, Dude Food, sweet potato chips with soy, pesto chia chips, sourdough pretzels, caviar potato chips, kava kava chips, Girlfriends Booty, Plundered Pop, Timber Logs, Echinaca Shells, Moon Chips, Grateful Puffs, American Buds, Swag Granola, Swag Chips, Swag, Fruity Booty and many other iconic innovative snacks.
SexyPop is a global snack food company. Our company is based on fun and passion. Be smart, be thoughtful, be generous. Enjoy SexyPop. Order some for a friend or yourself today. It's really really good.
Sexy Pop is...
*Made from the finest ingredients *
GMO Free
Certified Kosher
Cholesterol Free
Zero Trans Fat
rBGH Free

Our Review:
YUUUUUUUUUMMY!!!! This popcorn was so tasty!!! The Brazilian Coconut was Kelsey's favorite (it was dessert AND popcorn in one! Can't beat that!) and the Black Pepper was Jared's favorite (loved how pepper-y it was!). We both enjoyed the Bangin' Cheddar, French Butter, and Lightly Salted just as well.

We loved that they were not filled with crazy artificial ingredients! This is a snack we feel GOOD about eating! 

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