Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jared WON the NGA Tour Bluegrass Open!

This past weekend, Jared WON! This is the first time he has won since we have been together! It was quite an experience! The really neat part was that my mom captured the final round with a bunch of pics! 

Jared's full time caddy was out of town for this tournament, so I stepped up and caddied on the weekend! (I had to work Thursday and Friday). 

Okay, let me rephrase that, I pushed the clubs in the pull cart and wiped the ball and clubs when they needed cleaning.  ;)


Oh, and took care of the flag sometimes! 

I have learned SO MUCH about golf being married to a Pro, but I'm still learning every single day. It's a lot more complicated than I originally thought! So, I let Jared figure out all the numbers and club choices and distances and all that jazz himself.

But, I will admit that I actually READ some greens myself and did it correctly! HAHA. 

Then, I also told Jared that he should hit a really high shot that I've seen him practice some, and he said, "You're right, that's what I was thinking too." So, he hit the shot and got it about 4 feet from the hole and made the BIRDIE PUTT! 

This pic is my reaction after he hit the high shot up on the green and said, "SEE, I TOLD YOU TO DO THAT!" hahahaha.
 And this is my legendary "BIRDIE DANCE" that I do after he makes a birdie. My mom caught me in action! I also have an "EAGLE SOAR" when he makes an eagle! 

I got compliments on the dances all weekend! :)

I can't tell you how proud I am of my amazing husband! He is not only a wonderful golfer, but he is an amazing Christian role model and I look up to him so much! He talked about how GOD blessed him with this talent and it's all because of HIM that he won in the interview he had after the tournament. That means MORE to me than the actual win! God is so good! I can't help but tell everyone how much I appreciate and adore him! I would do ANYTHING for that man! I thank God everyday for blessing me with the best husband ever!   

 Jared's parents posed with us for a pic by his official scorecard for the weekend after it was all said and done. 

My parents, Jared's parents, AND his grandparents all came out to support him during the final round!  It was great to have them all there! 


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