Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NudeFood Review

NudeFood sent us some bars, cookies, and breakfast boost to review! Here's some info from their website:

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Nutrient-Dense, Raw, Organic & Kosher

NudeFood Energy Bars

Superfood to go – that’s what NudeFood is all about. Short for “Nutrient-Dense Food,” these raw energy bars are the perfect companion to your bike ride, hike, mountain climb, gym session, or just to snack through the day healthfully. We’ve focused in on the balanced nutrition your body needs, packing in high-calorie raw ingredients, and shunning away the empty-calorie fillers you’ll find in other bars.

Ultra-Dense Breakfast Boost

A seriously Good Morning! starts with all the nutrient-dense whole foods packed into every serving of Crystal River Organics’ Ultra-Dense Breakfast Boost! With three energizing varieties to spice up your life, we went FAR beyond the average “smoothie blend” . . . Ultra-Dense makes the perfect ‘superfood spice‘ to top oatmeal, granola, parfait, yogurt, ice cream, and anything you can imagine! A full-profile daily raw nutrition supplement.

Licious Organics Raw Honey Cookies

Meet our sister company, Licious Organics, who has been producing these delicious raw honey cookies for decades based on a recipe passed down from the founder’s grandmother. Our salute to the bees and their keepers, for keeping the planet pollinated. They’re Bee-Licious!

Our Review:
We loved ALL of the products! The bars were dense and filling, the cookies were great treats, and the breakfast boost did exactly what the name entitles.... it gave our oatmeal breakfasts a BOOST of nutrition! 

The cookies were very tasty and didn't taste like a "healthy" cookie, they just tasted AWESOME! 

Please visit their website and try some for yourself!

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