Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Web.Com Wives Charity Event and Making Friends On Tour

 This past week, I was SO EXCITED to finally participate in a Web.Com Tour Wives Charity Event! Because I can't travel to every tournament right now, I've missed out on a few of these, so I was THRILLED to participate!!! 

This event was all about creating baskets and cards for children with cancer who were attending a camp the following week. We made uplifting cards to make them smile and filled baskets with fun toys and essentials to make camp a BLAST for them! 


It was so great to spend time making cards and baskets to hopefully really cheer up the kids!

It was also great spending time with the other wives and getting to know them better!

It is great to have friends out here on Tour because it is a totally different world. A professional golfer's wife's job is NOT easy and it was great to hear some advice from the other wives who have been out here longer than we have. 

I thrive on friendships and meeting new people and this is SO fun for me! It makes walking around for 5 hours a lot less boring when you're by yourself because you can't talk to your hubby during his rounds. The support system is AMAZING. Everyone is so supportive and understanding when you're going through some struggles. I am SO thankful for these wonderful ladies who will PRAY FOR US and encourage us even when their hubbies are doing wonderful! The fact that they take time to pray and cheer us up is such a great feeling. God has really blessed us with wonderful friendships!

Even though we missed the cut, we went out to support our friend Zack Fisher on Saturday, and I watched Zack Sucher for 7 holes on Sunday, while Jared practiced. We had to leave early to catch our flights, and Zack Sucher ended up WINNING the tournament! We were so excited for him and Courtney and baby Hadley!

I REALLY MISSED my sweet baby Drew and Amelia while I was gone, so luckily Courtney let me play with Hadley for a little while to get my "baby fix". haha

I can't tell you how excited I was to see these sweet kiddos on Tuesday morning!!!!!!!! They truly make being apart from Jared better than I could ever imagine. God REALLY blessed me with the perfect family to nanny. I thank Him daily for putting them into my life! 

Amelia is constantly asking to take "Silly Pics" now.... I wonder where she got that from... ;)

For now, we are praying and seeking God's Will for what lies ahead. I know that God has the PERFECT timing for everything, and as long as we put HIM first, everything else will fall into place. 

God may not be early, but he's NEVER late!

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