Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kelsey's Crazy Rollercoaster 26th Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday, and boy, was it a birthday for the record books! This is a wordy post, but sit back, and enjoy the craziness! 

First of all, Jared is at another tournament and really focusing on q school because it is SUPER IMPORTANT.
So, the day started off on a rough foot because Jared completely forgot to wish me a Happy Birthday. Even though I was a little disappointed, I thanked God that he wished me an early happy birthday before he left. I know q school is the most important few weeks of golf, so I showed him grace and knew he didn't forget on purpose. But, I was also overwhelmed with texts, calls, face times, and social media posts from friends and family! Everyone was so nice and thoughtful!

Then, I Had a blast watching little baby Chase and the family surprised me with flowers, a LuluLemon workout top, and a cupcake, very sweet!

Next, I leave my first job to go on to job #2 with Christopher. I Made a pit stop at a store to get a birthday freebie bundt cake and my car battery died in the parking lot! I was so scared bc nothing has ever happened like that to me before. I had no idea what to do and Jared was 3 and a half hours away. Luckily Christopher's mom dropped everything at work and was able to pick him up and work from home. There was a guy in a Navy uniform in the car beside me and I felt like God was telling me he was trustworthy and would help me. Thankfully, my dad put this car charger thing that uses the cigarette lighter instead of jumper cables in my trunk years ago and He totally helped me and it worked! (THANKS DAD!) Then the guy drove his car and I followed in mine and he made sure I made it safely to the auto store where they installed a new battery. The whole time I was thanking God for keeping me safe and helping me and stayed positive!

Then, I get to Christopher's house and they threw me a birthday celebration AND gave me money for my new car battery. God is SO GOOD and He always always always provides!

I finished the day with a game night with my small group and it was a blast!

Throughout that crazy day, I was reminded OVER AND OVER again of God's unconditional love and grace! What a memorable birthday! 


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