Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Journey to Web.Com Tour Q-School Final Stage 2015

What a year this has been! God has blessed us so much and we are so thankful. Today, we wanted to share a little recap of what went on this season and how God allowed us to be in the position to play in the Web.Com Tour Q-School Final Stage next weekend!
We were so excited that Jared finished T4 at the Canada Tour Q-School in April. We had a little over one month to prepare for the summer apart while Jared played in Canada. His first tournament was May 31 and he made the cut with a T38 finish. The following week, he finished T47. 

He had two weeks off, played in a local scramble, and made a HOLE IN ONE!

He also played in a mini tour event in Tallahassee, where a lot of the Kemmer side of the family lives, so he got to stay at Uncle David's house for free that week and I was able to come over after work on Friday night and caddy for his final round on Saturday! He made a double eagle that day and shot 7 under on Saturday alone! 

He headed back up to Canada and got a weird stomach/cold/flu symptoms and ended up withdrawing from the tournament because he felt so bad. If you really know Jared, he never quits, so for him to withdrawal was a big deal. He got some much needed rest in the hotel and felt better for the next tournament when I came up for a visit! It was 4th of July week and we made sure to represent the USA well. :)
He didn't make the cut that week, but it was great just to be together after spending so much time apart. Most of the summer was spent like this: 
So thankful for technology! We are really getting better at our communication and our walk with God is growing every single day. We are so grateful for God and His solid foundation in our marriage. We have grown so much over the last two years and we are both doing our part to make this crazy golf life easier. Jared finished T14 the following week and missed the cut the next, before they had a break and he was able to come home for two weeks. 

He missed the next two cuts, but at the Great Waterway Classic, he was tied for 6th on Friday. I flew in Saturday and made it just in time to watch his last hole. He had a rough round that day and shot even, but it didn't help his position move up any on the leader board. I caddied for him the next day and he shot 5 under to finish at T19.

We had to get a picture with one of our sponsors, Nature's Bakery Fig Bars!  

He missed the cut the next week, but we took advantage of the time together and made the most out of it. We explored downtown Toronto and had a blast!
I flew back home and Jared played one more tournament and finished T53. He ended up number 81 on the money list, so unfortunately, it didn't earn him any status for next year. But, we kept our heads held high because we knew that God's plan is the best plan! 

Jared came home and we immediately started packing because we moved to a new apartment that was closer to my job and the main course that Jared practices. 

After that week of moving and getting settled in, Jared was busy getting ready for 1st Stage of Web.Com Tour Q-School. He prepared well, because he advanced to 2nd stage with a T4 finish! 

He had a month in between 1st and 2nd stage, so he played in a few mini tour events to stay in competition mode.  I was able to caddy for his first round because it was on a Sunday. I went home and he finished playing on Monday and Tuesday and finished in 3rd place!

On November 17, Jared had a crazy first round at 2nd Stage. He shot 5 over, but God helped him fight back and he went 2 under Wednesday, 2 under Thursday, and 5 under on Friday to ADVANCE TO FINAL STAGE IN DECEMBER!!! 

My little buddy that I nanny LOVES Jared and was super excited to hear how many birdies he made! :) 

God is so good and we are so grateful that He is allowing us to head back to Final Stage this year. Jared's professional caddy from his year on the Web.Com is going to make it to finals this year and carry his bag.

After Jared finished 2nd stage, he took a couple days off and we had a blast being together! We watched the PGA Tour Event on Saturday with his parents. 

He's been working hard and I am so proud of him! After Thanksgiving, we took a little trip down to West Palm Beach so he could get in some extra practice rounds at the courses he will be playing next week. I was very thankful to be able to tag along since I was off from work. 

No matter what happens at Final Stage, GOD IS GOOD! He's got it all under control. This is all for HIS glory! 


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