Monday, November 9, 2015

Refresh Summit '15

Refresh Summit '15 was INCREDIBLE! This retreat was JUST what I needed in order to be refreshed, rejuvenated, and pumped up for this upcoming crazy golf season! 

Friday morning started early and we packed the car full of Nature's Bakery Fig Bars to share!!!  

(Gotta give hubs a big shout out first... He drove the entire trip there and back with the exception of me driving for a two and a half hour spurt! He dropped me off on Friday around 5, drove to Clarksville to spend the night with my family, got up early on Saturday and drove two hours to his golf lesson, then drove another 2 hours to Louisville to spend the night with his family, only to turn right back around Sunday morning to come pick me up at noon! It was a jam packed weekend for Jared, but filled with love and a golf lesson, oh and tons of quality time in the car with his best friend singing and having a good ol' time)
This is my new workout shirt I scored for only $10! 
I loved our devotionals each morning. I want to be physically strong in my body, but even more strong spiritually! 
The food was super tasty! The lodge had chefs come in and cook us dinner each night! YUM! 
The snacks were plentiful all weekend! Everyone LOVED the Fig bars! They were a HUGE hit! :)
I got in some awesome workouts! Lindsay taught a bootcamp, Ashley taught Barre, and Amia taught Zumba! My legs were on fire after all that!

We even had an 80's Zumba GLOW Dance Party! We had glowsticks and bracelets and danced our hearts out!   
I loved meeting Ashley! She is awesome and we actually grew up in the same town! She is 3 years older than me, and we went to the same highschool, but she graduated in the spring before I started going in the fall. She is also good friends with one of my college roomies! SMALL WORLD! Oh, and she's the one who taught the Barre workout.... KICKED MY BUTT!

I ended up winning a package of Lenny and Larry's Protein Cookies! They were definitely opened on the long drive home. Snickerdoodle has my heart! 

Overall, the weekend was incredible and I was so thankful I got birthday money to help pay for the trip! God has truly blessed the Wolfepack!!! 

I only had ONE complaint... it was COLD for this Florida gal! ;)  Everyone up north was talking about how warm it was and I was talking about how I was freezing since I stepped foot out of the car! HAHAHA! It really wasn't TOO cold, but man, I sure do love being able to lay out at the pool in the middle of November at our condo!!!

Over the weekend, God revealed to me that I am TRULY MADE IN HIS IMAGE. I don't need to feel pressured by the world to look, act, or think a certain way. God made me unique and created me to be JUST the way I am! 

It was really neat to meet up with some of the girls from last year and see how much they have been up to over the past year! God is doing some amazing things in all of them and I am so thankful for their friendships!! 

Thank you to all the sponsors who donated to the retreat and the incredible hosts who organized everything! LOVE YOU ALL!


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