Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Paleo Cookie Company

The Paleo Cookie Company sent us cookies to review in exchange for a blog post. 
We were not compensated, just sent product. All opinions are our own. 


Here's some info about the Paleo Cookie Company from their website:

Gluten free-

Made with kosher, blanched almond flour

Grain free-

Okay to eat for those with grain intolerance

Dairy free-

Made with organic, unrefined coconut oil

Preservative free-

Eat them fresh or freeze them

GMO free-

“Lightly sweetened with 100% pure organic maple syrup.”

 … But we promise NOT Delicious-Free!
  • Our unsweetened shredded coconut is sulfur dioxide-free which is a preservative;
  • Our coconut oil is organic and unrefined;
  • Our almond flour base is non GMO, kosher and certified gluten-free;
  • Our eggs are organic;
  • Our maple syrup is 100% pure and organic.
  • Our chocolate is organic and soy-free

Our Thoughts:
These cookies were AWESOME for a healthy treat after dinner and even a midday snack! We loved the ingredient list most of all. Simple, but SO delicious!

Paleo Cookie Ingredients:

Blanched almond flour,
Unsweetened shredded coconut,
Organic eggs,
Organic pure maple syrup,
Organic unrefined coconut oil,
70% cacao chocolate chip,
Pure vanilla extract,
Baking soda,
Sea salt

Jared handled all the chocolate cookies, and I took care of the pumpkin cookies. They were all SO tasty!!! 

These cookies are great for everyone, not just those who eat paleo. We absolutely LOVED these cookies! Please check out them out and try some for yourself!   

Here's some links to their Website, Facebook, and Instagram!

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