Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Transformation Tuesday Story

In my teen years and into my college years, my main focus was how to eat as few calories as possible. I ate all kinds of diet foods and prepackaged everything to ensure that I knew exactly how many calories I was consuming. I saved up one "fun" day every once in a while to let myself have dessert and ended up going hog wild because it was my only day I was "allowed" to eat junk food. I would get a huge stomach ache because I ate so much.

Then, God sent me my incredible husband to help me get over my obsessive behavior by RELAXING my strict rules, eat more, workout properly, and live a little! Shortly after I got married, I ate more food, but I still counted every single calorie until one day my husband said enough was enough. He told me to give him ONE MONTH of eating what he told me to and not looking at calories and I agreed. Did change happen overnight? Heck no! But, over time, I have completely changed the way I eat. Today, I don't look at any calories, but focus on the QUALITY of ingredients that I am putting into my body. I focus on eating healthy fats, a variety of protein, veggies, fruits, carbs, snacks, and desserts! I don't stress about what is going to be served at a party or if plans change on a whim and I have to eat something different. I am also way more flexible on my workout routine and take EXTRA rest days when I need them, along with my set day of rest per week. I don't step on the scale except when I am at the doctor's office, because that number means absolutely NOTHING to me now. I wear clothes that make me feel beautiful and strong and say that the 'M' on my clothing tag stands for muscle! 

I am truly thankful for God helping me get through my crazy obsession through my sweet husband! Jared is seriously the best man for me and I wouldn't trade him for anything! 


Every once in a while, I ditch the workout clothes, curl my hair, and put on a little makeup for a date night with my hubby. Lucky for me, ...