Friday, September 16, 2016

Wolfepack Wrap Up

It's been a while since we posted about our life, so today we will fill you in on the last few months.
Jared fought hard this season with Web.Com Tour qualifiers, but ended up going back to Canada to play in the last few events. He did really well the first week and finished in the Top 15. The next two events were missed cuts, but Jared stayed positive and knew that he was fortunate to be able to get some kinks worked out before Q-School starts in October. He is working VERY hard to improve his mental game, along with having a positive attitude in any situation. It's carried over into our marriage as well and it has been incredible to see his mindset shift to being positive a majority of the time! 

Last month, we were extremely fortunate to be gifted a two night stay at the Amelia Island Plantation to celebrate our anniversary. My bosses are the most giving people we have ever met and we were SO GRATEFUL for that special weekend to step away from golf/work and just be US.

Of course, we ate lots of yummy food and treats.
We also rented bikes for the day and had a wonderful time exploring the island. We had so much fun talking while we were riding and enjoying the views, that we have decided that we want to budget some money to do that at different places every once in a while! 
Now, it wouldn't be a Wolfepack Write Up without new foods we've eaten lately!
I've been researching the benefit of casein protein in cottage cheese, so we have been eating it in different ways. My favorite is mixing cottage cheese with nut butter and slapping it on some toast with an egg. 

I have been taste testing new recipes while Jared is traveling so I can be sure that he will like them when I make them for him while he's home. This one was a WINNER! Spaghetti Squash Chicken and Spinach casserole. 
I've seen pumpkin flavored everything already and that definitely includes peanut butter. I had this at work one day and it was delicious! All I did was sprinkle some pumpkin spice on a spoonful of peanut butter. DELISH! 


We received another amazing LOVE DROP from Love Grown Foods and have been enjoying eating them solo, or mixed into healthy treats! 

We are handling being apart so much better, but man, it feels good to have this guy home for a couple weeks! Watch out Q-SCHOOL, Jared is READY TO GO!!! 


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