Monday, October 31, 2016

While We Are Waiting...

I figured it was time for a little life update here on the blog. Unfortunately, Jared did not make it through first stage of Web.Com Tour Q-School this year. While it was extremely difficult to process immediately afterwards, Jared has gotten his emotions out and let them go. 

Right now, we are in what seems like a long waiting season, but, what most people might not know is that we are doing our best to LOVE it. We don't want to stay in a constant state of sadness just because ONE ROUTE of making it back on the Web.Com tour didn't work out. God is showing us each and every day that there are TOO MANY BLESSINGS to miss out on right now!  Jared and I have been doing the best we can to serve God and serve others around us. Here's just a few of the things we have been doing lately. 

We are cheering on our friends who made it through first stage and want to see them succeed and make it to finals! Our good friends, Zack and Katie Fischer, were headed to the Web.Com Tour Championship and unfortunately, the hurricane caused the cancellation of the tournament. But, I was so blessed to be able to hangout with Katie for a little while during their stay close by before everyone evacuated. It's always nice to be able to talk to someone who is in the same boat and can relate! I was so grateful for that one on one time with her! 

We are still doing our part to help spread the word about our favorite snack, Fig Bars! This company has gone above and beyond to not only supply Jared with a healthy snack on the course, but encourages us and cheers for us on along the way! We are so grateful to work with such a supportive company! 

When Jared is home, we've been enjoying as much time as possible with each other. We cherish the days we can wake up together, (when I'm not working my morning babysitting job) read our couples devotional together, and workout at the start of our day. 

On the days where I only watch Christopher when he gets out of school, I sometimes tag along with Jared at the course and help watch his swing, see if his shoulder is moving a lot while putting, or video taping for him. I also like to practice my putting too. (It is getting better every time!) 

One weekend, our friends asked if we wanted to do a double date to a nice course so Jared could still practice, but we could get some quality time together! It was such a perfect day! Plus, the girls did a lot better than the guys thought we would! 

We had family come and stay with us one night on their way to Disney World. We enjoyed making homemade pizza and just hanging out together. 

An unexpected 'lemon turned into lemonade' was when hurricane Matthew came on my birthday and I had to evacuate. Fortunately, I was able to stay in Tallahassee with family. My cousin even got me my FAVORITE protein cookie, put a candle in it and sang happy birthday to me!!!!  It was such a fun surprise and it made my day! 


I also got to see all of my family that lives in Tallahassee at some point during my stay. It was a trip that wasn't planned, but turned out pretty awesome!  

I also got to see Jared's parents for one meal before they flew home. The hurricane made all the schedules out of whack! They were supposed to stay with us the weekend after my birthday, but all the flights messed up with the weather so they flew out of Tallahassee. 

When I came back after all the hurricane madness was over, I rescheduled my birthday dinner with friends and it was still just as fun! We had dinner at my favorite place, Zoe's Kitchen, and since Jared wasn't there, HE CALLED ZOE'S KITCHEN AND ASKED THEM TO SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! It was the sweetest thing and I couldn't stop smiling after they told me he called! 

Lastly, Jared has really been working hard at the course and has decided to finish out the year trying the rest of the PGA Tour Monday Qualifiers because he can still skip the pre-qualifier and has a discounted entry fee until the end of 2016. We've prayed and prayed and still feel like making it to the PGA Tour one day is what God has in store for Jared. He is going to give it his all these next few weeks and see what happens. Then, we will decide what route to take for the next year. Most likely, he will be going back to the Canada Tour and fighting his way to earn a spot on the Web.Com ASAP! 

Wife Brag: I am SO incredibly proud of my husband. He sacrifices so much time and puts his body through so much when he repeats the same motions over and over again every single day at practice. He works HARD for us and I want more than ANYTHING for his lifelong dream to come true! 

But, even though we are hoping and waiting for Jared to make it to the PGA Tour, it doesn't mean we aren't thoroughly enjoying the ride to get there!!! These tough seasons make us appreciate the little things more. Our prayer is that even though we may not have a lot according to the world's standards,  that we share what we DO HAVE and bless other people around us as much as we can. Please pray for us to make the most of every opportunity and share God's love wherever we are. Thanks for your support!

*Edit: TWO hours after I wrote this post, I read this for my nighttime devotional....* 

It's so amazing how God shows us that He is ALWAYS here with us!!!!



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