Wednesday, November 16, 2016

All the Snacks!!! (Giveaway)

It's time for another round up of some awesome products that we've been blessed to review lately! There's also a chance for you to win something at the end! 

Wewalka introduces another U.S. first with its sweet, layered Danish Dough. A versatile seamless sheet comprised of 36 folded layers of yeast dough, it is the perfect foundation for baking up croissants, sweet rolls, turnovers, and other delicious pastries. Whether you fill it, roll it, braid it or top it, Wewalka Danish Dough provides another European classic destined to be an American favorite.

Jared and I loved this dough! It was light and fluffy. It tasted incredible stuffed with savory and sweet flavors. The first thing we made was a pizza "hot pocket". They tasted so much better than the store bought brand that we grew up eating, and they didn't have any weird ingredients! YAY! 

I had my friend, Bridget, over for brunch one weekend and we made some fruit filled pastries, and I even made an egg and peanut butter filled roll. (As you know, I put peanut butter on almost everything) They were all delicious and the rolls by themselves without any filling are tasty as well. 

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Another great box from FitSnack! I loved the Shine Organics fruit and veggie pouch. I froze it a little bit and then added it to my smoothie and it was SO GOOD! A lot of people drink Kombucha and this box supplied a kit to make your own! There were lots of yummy snacks, check out this link to get 50% off your first box!! 

Keep your eye out on FitSnack's Instagram and Twitter for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that you won't want to miss! 

Jared and I were so pumped when we tried these because they taste amazingly delicious and they are packed full of protein! The Ranch is probably our favorite because they remind us of our childhood chip choice, Cooler Ranch Doritos, without anything bad! They are crunchy and packed full of flavor! 

I shared them with my church small group and they loved them as well!  

Another cool part about the cinnamon crunch is that it's a great smoothie topper. It tasted like cinnamon cereal and it was perfect for my pumpkin pie smoothie bowl. YUM! 

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Why popcorn? Many years ago, we were searching for a healthy side dish to serve our restaurant patrons. We popped up a few batches of our family’s favorite popcorn and customers enjoyed it so much, they started asking for bags of the popcorn to take home. Sales took off, and the rest is history. Today, Little Lad’s pops thousands of pounds of corn kernels a week…that’s a lot of corn. If you haven’t already, we invite you to try Little Lad’s Herbal Corn or any other Little Lad’s flavored popcorn, for that matter.
I declare myself THE popcorn-o-holic! I absolutely LOVE popcorn, and this popcorn exceeded my expectations! It has nutritional yeast added to it and with that comes vitamins, amino acids, minerals and protein. I wish everyone could taste this popcorn RIGHT NOW! It's THAT good! 

Little Lad's also sent us some almond butter, along with some herb crackers, that were just perfect! I told Jared that the crackers were way better than the EarthFare whole wheat crackers. That says a lot, because I really like those! I don't know how they do it, but the almond butter was just oven roasted washed almonds and sea salt, but we both agreed that it was some of the best almond butter we've tasted. 

See the latest news from Little Lad's on their Facebook page. 

This stuff is the perfect blend of coconut butter and nut butter all in one jar! It tastes incredible by the spoonful, but it also makes your every day food taste like dessert! It is full of healthy fats and only has a couple ingredients. We were blown away by the incredible taste. 

It went on top of our eggs, on toast, eaten by the spoonful, and also into this super easy 3 ingredient lunch: 

All I did was sauté shredded chicken with cauliflower rice and a heaping spoonful of the creamy cashew butter. HOLY MOLY IT WAS GOOD! 

You've gotta check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all kinds of recipes and tasty ways to eat this jar of goodness! 

I have a new recipe to share, that I like to call VACATION MUFFINS because the flavors remind me of vacation!

1/2 cup coconut flour
2 very ripe bananas 
3 extra large eggs
3 tbsp honey
3 drops liquid stevia
sprinkle of cinnamon and baking powder 

Pour all ingredients into a food processor and mix for about 3 minutes. Then, bake at 370*F for about 20 minutes or until you can poke them with a fork and not have any batter stick to the fork. Enjoy! 

Purely Inspired is providing us with protein in exchange for recipes each month. We are not compensated for these posts, just sent product. 

Inspired by his mother's tasty cookies, MAXINE'S HEAVENLY COOKIES founder Tim Miller wasn't willing to sacrifice the delicious taste he remembered as a kid on his quest to turn her recipe into a healthier, guilt-free vegan treat! 
We know that vegan and gluten free don't always mean healthy and that's why we put a lot of work into selecting only the highest quality, healthy ingredients that make you smile, without weighing you down.  Loaded with tasty gluten-free oats, nutrient-rich rice & oat flours, and coconut sugar to keep the glycemic index low—we've brought the latest health trends together into one delectable treat. 

OH. MY. GOSH. These cookies are disappearing rather quickly around here. We cannot get enough of them. We have eaten these for dessert almost every night and sometimes even eat them with breakfast because they are loaded with oats and flaxseeds that are GOOD for your body. Do yourself a favor and go try these asap. 

Check out their Facebook and Twitter for updates on these awesome cookies!

Now, for your chance to WIN some of these cookies, all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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