Thursday, December 15, 2016

Massage Track

The Massage Track™ tools were invented by Eric who is 45 and has a rare condition which causes tightness in the muscles and connective tissues. This is more than a nuisance for him, but a blessing for you because his body is the perfect sandbox for developing exceptional deep tissue massage tools (what your Physical Therapist might refer to as ‘self-myofascial release tools’).
He created Massage Track for relief when he was really desperate and has used it nearly every day since. He uses it after waking and often a few more times during the day. After two years of development, Eric launched the Massage Track tools on Kickstarter to a dramatic response from around the world. 
Our tools are now in use in 35 countries. They’re great for getting relief from generic aches and pains but are also being used successfully to treat repetitive strain injury, accelerate workout recovery for athletes, manage degenerative disc disease and slipped disc pain, and last but not least, help accident victims and injured veterans.

As a couple who likes to be active on a regular basis, we love getting sports massages, but we don't love the expensive cost that goes along with it. The massage track is an affordable way for us to get a deep tissue massage at HOME and Jared can even take it on the road with him to tournaments! We absolutely LOVE our massage track and we've been having fun learning new exercises from the video that's included in your package, and they also have a bunch of videos on their website as well!  

Our new nightly routine is to use the massage track while we are watching a tv show. It's so nice to release tension in our muscles from our workouts and Jared's practice sessions! We tend to hold stress tension in our neck and upper back/shoulders, so this is so relaxing and helps alleviate the tension in a few minutes each night. 

We highly recommend the Massage Track to everyone! It's especially helpful for athletes, but I'm sure it would also be very beneficial to people who have desk jobs! Please check out their website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more info. 


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