Saturday, September 17, 2011

Journey Bars Review

LinkJourney Bars Review

Journey Bars was kind enough to send me samples of their product to try and review on my blog.

Here is a little info from their website:

You may be wondering why two friends got together to create a new nutrition bar when there are already hundreds of bars on the market to choose from. Well, the thing about all of the other bars is THEY’RE ALL SWEET!

As former consultants and avid travelers, when we were out biking, backpacking or rushing through multiple airports a week, often the easiest and healthiest way to grab a quick bite to eat was to pick up a nutrition bar. Let’s face it, they’re convenient. But when we went looking for a bar that tasted more like real food and less like a candy bar, this bar was nowhere to be found. What we really wanted was a savory bar! Knowing that there were others out there just like us who were looking for an alternative to all the sweet bars, we set out to create a totally new nutrition bar experience.

So how did we come up with the idea for our first flavors? Did we mention we were avid travelers? Well, in all that traveling, we’ve tasted a lot of great food from around the world. We decided that some of these flavors would be perfect for our bars. So, we got busy in the kitchen trying to re-create the wonderful flavors we enjoyed on our travels with simple recipes – mixing wholesome, natural ingredients with blends of aromatic traditional spices. And Voila! The first Journey Bars were born!

-Chris and Marguarette, founders of Journey Bars

I must say, these bars were definitely unlike any other nutrition bar I've tasted before! They were savory and delicious!!! I'm so glad I had the chance to review these!

Now for the ratings:

Parmesean ramano. 10/10.. SO so good! Tasted like cheese bread! Yum!

Coconut Curry 10/10 Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about this one…I’m not a huge spicy food person, so I didn’t know how the curry was gonna taste. OMG, I was blown away because this flavor was SO good! It wasn’t too spicy and the slight hint of coconut and curry actually worked REALLY well together! I was impressed!

Mesquite barbecue- 9/10 This flavor tasted really good, but I gave it a 9 because it was a little bit too hot for my preference. I’m sure other people who enjoy hot and spicy things will LOVE this! J

Wasabi ginger. 5/10 It was not too hot but i just didnt like the flavor combo. I never like anything with ginger and I definitely dont eat wasabi at sushi restaurants! Haha, so I am sure people who like those flavors will love this bar!

PLEASE try some of these bars for yourself! I promise you will not be disappointed!

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