Thursday, September 29, 2011

NUGO Bars Review

NUGO was kind enough to send me some products to try and review.

Here is a little information from their website:

NuGo makes delicious and health snacks that meet everyone’s dietary needs. Our bars taste better than other nutritional foods because of our commitment to using the most wholesome ingredients and baking processes possible. NuGo believes that pure, natural ingredients are both better for you and better tasting. From our very first bar to the latest, we’ve maintained a commitment to creating great snacks without taking shortcuts. Each of our bars is full of the protein and whole grains that every diet needs.

Orange Smoothie: 10/10! I loved the taste. It reminded me of an orange creamsicle! YUM! I also enjoyed the fact that this bar had 11 grams of protein in it!

Vanilla yogurt 10/10! So good! Tasted like a vanilla milkshake in a nutrition bar! Yum Yum!

Raw Natural Energy Apple Cinnamon 10/10! Very chewy and definitely had a nice apple cinnamon flavor. Had the texture of a Larabar..

Raw Natural Energy Cranberry: 9/10! I liked the texture. The flavor was good but the cranberry taste was just a little bitter for me.

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Shannon said...

I've heard of these and they sound awesome! :)


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