Monday, June 10, 2013

Quest Bar Review and Giveaway!

I've reviewed Quest Bars in the past, but this time, they sent me a variety pack to review and have a giveaway!

Here's some info from their website:
Quest bars were designed for anyone who cares about good nutrition and a leaner body.That's really all it takes to become part of the Quest team. It doesn't matter what your specific quest is, just that you have one. So, whether you're trying to lose a beer belly to pick up more chicks, trying to get SHREDDED and lean for a competition, or you're looking to add some lean muscle mass so you can whoop Michael Phelps' butt the next time you see him down at the Y. Quest Bars are going to give you exactly what you need to be successful at any goal you strive for.The funny thing is, there is no big mystery to good nutrition and dieting. Most people know roughly what they should be eating. It's just that there isn't much on the market that offers great nutrition, great taste and convenience in one energy bar. So, for those of you looking for a low-carb snack that's actually healthier than your regular meals, Quest has exactly what you're looking for.
And best of all, you can try Quest Protein Bars risk free. We're so certain that you're going to LOVE it, that if you don't agree that it is the world's GREATEST low carb protein bar, we'll give you your money back. Go on, try one. It's the nutrition bar you've been looking for.
 My Review:
Not only did these bars have 20 grams of protein, they tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD! It was recommended to zap them in the microwave for a few seconds to create a different texture for a treat, and it was a wonderful suggestion indeed! It made the consistency somewhat like a freshly baked cookie right out of the oven.

I enjoyed ALL of the flavors, but if I had to put them in order of preference, it would go like this:
PB & J
Banana Nut Muffin
Cinnamon Roll
Peanut Butter Supreme
Apple Pie
Strawberry Cheesecake
Coconut Cashew
Lemon Cream Pie
Vanilla Almond Crunch

Quest Bar has also developed the new PASTAbilities. They were interesting for sure. I wasn't the biggest fan of these, but some people might enjoy them. I don't like pasta, so that's probably why!

Quest Bar has offered to send TWO READERS a 12 pack variety of flavors AND 2 packs of PASTAbilities as well! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below to enter!

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