Monday, June 3, 2013

Settling In and Summertime Workouts!

Well, I've officially got my new membership at the local YMCA and I couldn't be happier!
They don't have every single machine that I did at my old Y, but it's pretty cool too. They have my SPIN class that I love, but unfortunately they do not have Dance it Out. BUT... they do have a crazy awesome INSANITY class and it is so much fun! Super intense and makes me SWEAT! I love it! 

My new routine looks something like this:
Monday- Strength Training and SPIN
Tuesday - Walk around the neighborhood  (BTW we have KILLER hills...) and playing while babysitting
Wednesday - Strength Training and SPIN
Thursday - Zumba 
Friday - Strength Training and INSANITY
Saturday - Zumba
Sunday - rest day

I've made a few friends at the gym, so that's nice. I was talking about Dance It Out one day, and a lady told me there was a Zumba Training coming up. She actually owns her own studio and wants me to get certified so I can TEACH it there! She said I could use some more modern music to make it my own... :) I AM SO PUMPED! 

I've been fortunate to live in the bonus room at Jared's parents house, while I'm trying to get interviews for a full time job here. They have been so supportive and I'm truly grateful for them! I also get to hangout with my soon-to-be niece and nephew A LOT MORE! :) Love those kiddos! 

Jared News:
He is playing in the US OPEN Qualifier today! 


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