Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Krema & Crazy Richards Peanut Butter Review and GIVEAWAY!

We were sent two flavors of Krema peanut butter and two flavors of Crazy Richards Peanut Butter to review. Here's some info from their website:

Established in 1898, Krema has been satisfying the discriminating tastes of peanut butter lovers for over 100 years. Our commitment to quality, value and old fashion values helps keep our customers coming back. The Krema Peanut Butter Company is one of the oldest peanut butter companies in the United States today. We still make our peanut butter the time honored way using only top quality peanuts, a special dry roasting process and unique fine grinding for the perfect natural peanut butter!

Many of our customers rely on our peanut butter as a staple of their diets. With no salt, sugar or hydrogenated vegetable oils added, Krema Peanut Butter is the perfect “health food”! In addition, our local hospital recommends all their patients with heart related problems to eat our peanut butter.
Our Review: 9/10.
As you all know, my hubby and I LOVE Peanut Butter! We definitely enjoyed ALL of these flavors! They were all natural and didn't have anything artificial. On the ingredients list, the only thing listed was PEANUTS!!! How awesome is that! The only reason we gave them a 9 was that it was a little messy to handle.
You had to stir it with a special stirring utensil (which I think Jared had too much fun playing with..haha). It kinda spilled a little over the edges, but after it was mixed thoroughly and slapped on some toast, or a tortilla, it was MIGHTY DELICIOUS! 

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