Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Matt's Munchies Review

Matt's Munchies sent us some of their fruit snacks to review!
Here's a little about their story from their website:
It is said that, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” As a long-time vegetarian and finicky snacker, Robert decided to create his own wholesome, satisfying munchies that would support a healthy lifestyle.
A banker by profession, Robert took over the kitchen and six months later, voila! Chef Robert emerged with amazingly tasty and nutritious premium fruit snacks. Robert named the new product Matt’s Munchies after his son, Matthew, who helped develop the unique flavors. With intentions as pure as their products Chef, Matt and Sous Chef Linda (momz) seek to brighten the snacking landscape together with their exciting munchies!
Chef Roberts Inc is a family owned and operated business. In 2009, the family moved their factory from New York to Santa Ana, CA. Brothers Joe and Sam are involved; it’s a family enterprise!

Our Review: 9/10
Yes, even grown ups can play with their food ;)

These fruit snacks were JUST like fruit roll ups we remembered as kids!  Only thing different is that they are HEALTHY! They have NO GMOS, they have actual fruit in each snack, and they are filled with wholesome ingredients! They can get stuck in your teeth easily (which is the only reason we gave them a 9).

We enjoyed these a lot as an after meal treat. Our favorite flavors were Banana (Kelsey) and Raspberry Delight (Jared).

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