Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystal Review

 Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystal sent us some products to review. 

Here's some info about them:
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are made of mineral salts, which are * Pure and natural * Fragrance Free (products also available in scented varieties) * Non-staining * 24-hour effective * Hypoallergenic The products function as natural deodorants that kill odor-causing bacteria, while permitting the pores to excrete toxins naturally. This is vital to maintain healthy, auxiliary lymph nodes which are located in the underarm area

Who Should Use the Products? Approximately 10 percent of the population cannot use conventional deodorants for various reasons. Generally, either the perfumes which are used to mask odor or the antiperspirant ingredients will act as allergens and cause rash and irritation. Naturally Fresh Crystal Deodorant is ideal for: * Men and Women with sensitive skin and require hypoallergenic products * People seeking a healthy alternative or better lifestyle * People undergoing radiation and cancer treatment.

Aluminum Issue Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal has no harmful aluminums. Naturally-occurring aluminum compounds are abundant in our environment. They are found in most foods and drinking water. Many people and doctors have concerns in respect to the processed aluminums found in conventional deodorants. These processed aluminums have very small molecules and can penetrate the skin. Alum, on the other hand, is naturally occurring and not processed. It has a large molecule and does not penetrate the surface of the skin. Our products are officially endorsed by Dr. Melanie Bone, a gynecological surgeon and long-term breast cancer survivor. 

# 1 Dr. Recommended Dr. Melanie Bone is a gynecological surgeon with over 20 years of experience and long-term breast cancer survivor. She is the founder of the Cancer Sensibility Foundation (www.cancersensibility.org) as well as Cancer Shop USA (www.cancershopusa.com). Her goal is to provide consumers with insight into the benefits of using our Roll-Ons and Spray Mists, specifically for people looking to prevent cancer, for cancer patients and for cancer survivors. Dr. Bone also encourages the use of our products prior to mammogram screenings to avoid reading errors sometimes associated with the use of conventional, aluminum-containing antiperspirants.

We enjoyed using the roll-on the most. The spray was a little more messy, but still worked well. The chapstick was great! It took a little getting used to this new deodorant, but overall, we enjoyed it. The most unusual part about it was that you still sweat on your underarms, but it doesn't STINK! I originally thought it wasn't working that well, but it actually did! After we got over the fact that we would still sweat, we enjoyed the products more...

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